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Guillermo Ochoa vs. Sepe: numbers that explain the substitution of the Mexican in the Salernitana of Serie A

Guillermo Ochoa with the Salernitana.

Photo: Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

The Mexican Guillermo Ochoa arrived at Salernitana in search of minutes in Italy, this after his departure from Club América of Liga MX. However, after the return of Luigi Sepe, starting goalkeeper of the Italian team, the Aztec lost all kinds of chances in the goal, at least in the last two games of the Italian tournament, and If we look at the numbers, this situation is very well explained.

Nevertheless, There is a very important fact to always keep in mind, and it is that ‘Memo’ came to the team to defend the goal while Sepe was injured, something that no longer happens and now suffers the consequences, despite playing six games continuously.

Although Ochoa has much more experience than Sepe, the European goalkeeper has more extensive numbers in Italythis motivated all his participation in Serie A before the arrival of ‘Memo’, something that will leave more numbers in his records.

Ochoa vs. Sepe numbers face to face

  • Shots received and saved: Luigi Sepe, 87 – 60 (69% effectiveness) / Memo Ochoa, 45 – 28 (62% effectiveness)
  • Goalless matches received: Luigi Sepe, 3 / Memo Ochoa, 0
  • Goals conceded per game: Luigi Sepe, 1.59 / Memo Ochoa, 2.83
  • Penalties faced and saved: Luigi Sepe, 7 – 3 (43%) / Memo Ochoa, 3 – 1 (33%)

Undoubtedly, Sepe has many points in his favor, something that could put the Mexican goalkeeper out of a job at La Salernitana who arrived with a six-month contract, with the option of one more year in the Italian team, if his participation was worthy of continuing.

Only time will tell us if the coach of the Salerno team will give Ochoa the opportunity to try to improve their numbers, because we must take into account that now ‘Memo’ has a new boss on the bench.

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