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Guillermo Ochoa once again keeps his goal at zero and with a great performance gives Salernitana a point

By second consecutive week in Serie A, Guillermo Ochoa started with Salernitana and finished with a blank goal, helping his team to score points, something that is helping them move away from the relegation zone.

After In the last match, the Salerno team defeated Monza 3-0 in what was the return of the Mexican goalkeeper to ownership; this Sunday, Guillermo Ochoa repeated the feat of keeping a clean sheet and helped his team to the goalless draw against Sampdoria away at the Luigi Ferrari Stadium.

Paco Memo looked confident under the three sticks, in one of the bravest buildings in the championship, home to some of the loudest and most aggressive fans in the A series, so he used all his experience as an international goalkeeper and withstood the pressure both off the pitch and on it.

ochoa He responded whenever he was required and made key saves in the matchalthough this time he did not have as much work as in previous days, since his defensive line also did a good job. Those who were not so fine were the attackerswho were imprecise at the time of defining what could have been the second consecutive victory for those from Salerno, but unfortunately for them it was not like that and they had to settle for the points division.

The Mexican acted as the leader that the team’s rear needs, since he was giving instructions from his position at all times and He put a lot of order in his defense, infecting the defenders and midfielders.

With this result, salernitana reached 25 points in the championship, 7 above Hellas Verona, which occupies position 18 and from which it is a priority for the Hipocampos board to move away, so the objective is gradually being achieved and in which once again The Mexican was a factor.

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