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Guillermo Ochoa keeps his goal at zero for the first time in Italy and Salernitana adds three points against Monza

This Sunday’s duel was special for Guillermo Ochoabecause returned to be owner with the salernitana, after spending two games on the bench, in the shadow of goalkeeper Luigi Sepe, who was the first goalkeeper before the arrival of the Mexican to the team, only he was injured when Paco Memo came on earlier this year.

However, it was not the only thing for which Ochoa can celebrate, since, in addition to his return, the goalkeeper He kept his goal at zero for the first time since he arrived in Serie A. In addition, the team achieved a 3-0 win that ended its losing streak of three consecutive games with defeat.

And, as if that were not enough, during said match, the Aztec player He completed 700 games with clubs, so the sum of all this was extremely significant for the goalkeeper of the Mexican National Team.

During the game, Ochoa’s performance was crucial for the victory of those from Salerno, since, once again, he put on a show of saves and at least three of them were providential and prevented Monza’s sung goals.

The local goals fell in the second half and were scored by Lassana Coulibaly at minute 51, Grigoris Castanos at 65′ and Antonio Candevra sealed the win at 71′.

With this score, Ochoa added 7 games in the Italian team and reached 540 minutes of action, in which he has received 17 goals.

Guillermo Ochoa’s 700 games

Although the seven hundred games by Paco Memo took place mainly in the MX League with the only club to which he belonged, the Águilas del América; The goalkeeper flew to Europe several years ago and completed more than a third of his mark there, with which he was distributed as follows:

Club America: 433 games.

Ajaccio: 116 games.

Malaga: 19 games.

Granada: 39 games.

Standard Liège: 86 games.

Salernitana: 7 games.

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