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Guillermo del Toro receives tribute at MoMA in New York; his exhibition will last 2 months

Guillermo Del Toro will have two exhibitions at MoMA.

Photo: Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA, for its acronym in English) of New York announced on December 9 the beginning of a tribute to the work of the Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro after the release (this Saturday on billboards in the US and on the Netflix platform) of his latest film, “Pinocchio”, a singular vision of the classic tale of the wooden doll that becomes a child.

These tributes, which will last two months at the museum, began with a themed private gala together with the main guest, Del Toro, and in addition to celebrities such as Jessica Chastain, Ariana DeBose, Oscar Isaac, Richard Jenkins, Finn Wolfhard, Gregory Mann and the MoMA’s Principal Film Curator, Rajendra Roy.

All those who were present had a dress code, they had to wear black and, in turn, Channel accessories abounded, a brand that sponsored the event.

On the red carpet laid out for the guests, Guillermo Del Toro briefly approached the media, where he stressed that he was very “happy and flattered” for being the protagonist of such an event at MoMA, considered the highest temple of New York culture.

“When you don’t pretend and you’re not afraid to wear your imperfections like a badge of honor. That’s why I love monsters and that’s why cinema has saved my life so many timesbecause these conventions and these images exist in a field beyond words,” the Mexican filmmaker told reporters.

Starting this coming Monday, those who attend MoMA will be able to enjoy the exhibition called Crafting Pinocchiodesigned to show the back room of the film, in turn how the Mexican filmmaker imagined everything and how he built the scenes for this type of interpretation of the classic tale.

Del Toro chose to develop his version of Pinocchio in Mussolini’s Fascist Italy.

Then, and throughout the month of January, the New York museum will have another work named “Tales of mourning and imagination”where the different features of the Mexican filmmaker’s films are investigated in more depth, characterized by forming their own universe defined by the beauty of monsters, subtle human relationships, the search for redemption, among other things.

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