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Guillermo del Toro makes history for Mexico by winning once again at the Golden Globes and delivers an epic speech | VIDEO

Once again Guillermo del Toro He had us on the edge of the seat in one more installment of the Golden Globes, and in this edition that finally returned to being face-to-face, the Mexican let it be heard once again Viva México cab…!

Because yes, the gordis, as some fans affectionately call one of the greatest filmmakers of his generation, once again made history for Mexican cinema as well as for Hispanic cinema.

This time the native of Guadalajara, Jalisco won the category of “Best Animated Film”, thanks to his most recent release in the seventh art: “Pinocchio”.

The films with which he competed for this recognition were “Inu-Oh”, “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On”, “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” and “Red”, which also obtained great acceptance from the audiences around the world and within streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney+.

But without a doubt, his version of Pinocchio devastated not only this award, but also the public’s taste, as Del Toro says: “Animation is not only for children, and this film proves it, although children can also see it.”

It was part of his speech when receiving the so-called award, before the Oscars. In addition to receiving good feedback from the fandom and the general public, it garnered multiple praise and congratulations from figures like Stephen King.

Now the Mexican film director who has achieved great success in films such as “The Devil’s Backbone”, “The Orphanage”, “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “The Shape of Water” and “The Alley of Lost Souls”, He opted for a production that follows a story that was popularized worldwide thanks to Disney in 1940.

In this new version, the famous writer planned to give an important twist to the story from his perspective of what the iconic character of “Pinocchio” means to him.”. In addition to the fact that the characters were created mostly in Mexico, in a workshop at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara.

“For me, it’s essential to counteract the idea that you have to become a flesh-and-blood child to be a true human. All you need to be human is to really behave like one, you know? I have never believed that the transformation [debería] be demanded to win love”declared Guillermo del Toro in an interview for the magazine “Vanity Fair”.

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