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guide to discover the true flaviense spirit

There are many cities and corners of Portugal that, for various reasons, pass between the drops of rain and are not an option when you want to book a tour or a getaway. Keys is one of those cases.

It is a pearl of the region of Behind-the-hills and it is just a few kilometers from Spain, making it very easy to reach Orense, for example. But you can forget about “our brothers” and focus on what the Flavian city has to offer.

The landscape of Chaves is tremendously beautiful. Enchanting nature itself fascinates the eye, but the Tâmega river tends to claim prominence in some of the best photos that can be taken in the region.

Chaves: a city full of history

Over time, several people left works that prove contact with this land, something that has happened since prehistoric times. Chaves has an ancient history.

For this reason, we recommend walks around Chaves and surroundings in order to discover the vast heritage that can be found in this place of rare beauty. Historic moments are engraved in granite, in monuments that enchant all visitors.

Thus, strolling through Chaves and the surroundings of the city, allows the knowledge of the heritage that proves its rich history. This in addition to being able to contemplate the natural and unique beauty of the place, the breathtaking landscapes, where the river and the mountains assume great importance. Stay with 9 suggestions of what you can see in the city. And, of course, what you can and should eat…

This city has the river as its backbone, with Bairro do Castelo located on the right bank, and Bairro da Madalena, on the opposite bank.

The riverside area is particularly charming, perfect for walks or leisure time, namely for a good few minutes of reading.


Chaves Historic Center

Between Rua de Santo António and Rua do Sol you can find the oldest nucleus of the city. The arteries of the historic center are enchanting.

Praça de Camões stands out in the historic center, being the noble space, where the Town Hall building stands. This palace is unique, it will be the most beautiful in Chaves. It was built in the middle of the 19th century.

The Mother Church or Santa Maria Maior are two notable churches present in the medieval area. The Igreja da Misericórdia is from the 17th century, baroque in style, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful in the city.


Civil and military constructions

THE Trajan’s Roman Bridge it is located upstream of the section of the river that runs next to the spa. It was completed between the end of the 1st century and the beginning of the 2nd century AD It is 150 meters long, and is even the most famous work left by the roman people.

O Castle can be found at the highest point of the medieval citadel. Very little remains of the ancient castle of Chaves: the Torre de Menagem (raised to the height of a 9-storey building) and the wall. The military museum has been installed there since 1978.

O fort of san francisco It is a construction from the middle of the 17th century. It was built on a hill where a Franciscan convent used to be.

Successive attacks by Castilian artillery on the Fort of S. Francisco led to the need to build the Fort of S. Neutel, thus providing greater defense for the town.

This museum is installed in the Castle Tower, occupying the 4 floors of this historic monument.

In this museum, you can see the weapons exhibition, and there are other points of interest, namely: uniforms, military blueprints, flags and trophies. These articles range from the Middle Ages to the present day.


Museum of the Flavienses Region

This museum was built in the 15th century, having served the purpose of receiving D. Afonso, first Duke of Bragança.

At the Museu da Região Flaviense, you can find several points of interest, ranging from bronze age statuary and prehistoric remains to the modern art found in the Nadir Afonso room.

key chamber

This construction is located 35 kilometers from Chaves, in the parish of Roriz. Being located on top of a hill, this construction is made up of the ruins of a wall. Bear in mind that to get there you will need to use all-terrain vehicles.

Next to the village of Curalha, there is the Castro da Curalha, which dates back to the 5th to 3rd centuries BC. It can be found about 7 kilometers from the city, being the best example of the dozens of forts that remained from the Celtic occupation.

The Presunto de Chaves should be placed on a piece of rye bread and accompanied by a good wine from the region. This provides a good experience of what is done in Chaves.

But there are still puff pastries with veal meat filling that are delicious. There are also balls and sausages with sausages.

Flavian gastronomy is rich and diverse, with meat being its great wealth. There is no shortage of meat dishes, namely veal, kid, suckling pig, rabbit and chicken. However, the Bísaro pig turns out to be special…

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Where to eat

House Os Três Lagares

This space is located 7 kilometers from Chaves, in Redondelo, in a cellar that was part of a manor house. The house’s smokehouse is self-produced, as are the rye bread and the ball.

Among the most emblematic dishes of the house are: oven-roasted kid, old-fashioned duck rice with smoked meat and oven-baked cod.

This space is open from Thursday to Sunday, by appointment.

Contacts: 933 572 592.

Souto Velho House

This space is just 20 kilometers from Chaves (near Vidago), but the opportunity to taste the dishes provides a journey into the authenticity of ancestral cuisine, presenting forgotten or ignored flavors.

The atmosphere is even more charming with the fire in the fireplace that appears on cold days. The Bísaro pork served in the house is created in the place. The same goes for roosters, chickens and rabbits. Cabidela rice, spike rice, turnip greens rice with ribs, smoked rice and suckling pig are recommended.

This space is open every day by appointment.

Contacts; 276 999 250 / 934 817 259

Where sleep

castle hotel

  • Address: Rua da Muralha 2 to 4, 5400-414 Chaves, Portugal.
  • More information, on here.

Fort of San Francisco Hotel Chaves

  • Address: Forte De San Francisco, 5400-435 Chaves, Portugal.
  • More information, on here.

Guest House Chaves

  • Address: Rua da Solidão nº 46, 5400-518 Chaves, Portugal.
  • More information, on here.

Ester Guest House

  • Address: Rua do Sol, 56, 5400-000 Chaves, Portugal.
  • More information, on here.

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