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GTA VI leaks are real • ENTER.CO

Through a statement shared on its social networks, Rockstar Games has confirmed that the GTA VI leaks are real. The developer shared the following statementwhich we translate below (with the original link below).

«A message from Rockstar Games

We recently experienced an attack on our network in which an unauthorized source illegally accessed and downloaded sensitive information from our systems, including files from early development of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto. At this time we do not foresee any type of interruption in our online gaming services or any long-term effect on the future development of projects.

We are extremely disappointed to have details of our next game shared in this way. Our work on the next Grand Theft Auto will continue as planned and we will remain committed as always to deliver an experience to you, our players, that truly exceeds your expectations. We’ll update you again soon, of course, and we’ll introduce you to our new game as soon as it’s ready. We want to thank everyone for their support in this situation.”

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The material was leaked when a user going by the name of teapotuberhacker made a post on the GTA forums containing a zip file containing the stolen material. “»Here are 90 images/clips from GTA VI. May be able to leak more data soon, GTA V and VI source code and assets, GTA VI test build.” According to the leaker, the information was stolen from an internal Rockstar Games Slack group.

The videos, found on YouTube and other video sites, show what appears to be gameplay, conversations, and some elements that appear to be taken from Red Dead Redemption 2. We have made the decision not to share links to the posts and we assume that most of the material will be removed in the course of the week.

Images: Rockstar Games.

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