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Grupo Firme will close its “Enfiestados y amanecidos” tour with a concert scheduled for February

One day after having presented seven songs with their respective videos from the album titled “Puras pa’ pistear”, the band led by Eduin Caz announced that the closing of their tour “Enfiestados y amanecidos” will be next Friday, February 10, 2023 and the Foro Sol was chosen as the stage, venue based in Mexico City.

Through a message shared on the social networks of the concert promoter OCESA, it was reported that The pre-sale of this event will start in a couple of days and it is expected that the nearly 65,000 seats will sell out quickly, as has been the case in its five previous presentations at the capital’s venue.

The group created in Tijuana in 2014 and integrated by Eduin Cazares, Jhonny Cazares, Abraham Hernández, Dylan Camacho, Joaquín Ruiz, Christian Téllez and José Rubio, He has had a great year topping the popularity charts with his musical themes.

In this sense, along with his musical talent, another of his great merits of the success achieved is that the members of the group themselves are the ones who manage their destiny, because despite having a manager, they are the ones who democratically decide which contracts to accept. and which ones they should let pass by.

All this arose from the fact that at the beginning of their career they lacked a representative, which led them to go out knocking on doors in search of an opportunity.

For this reason, social networks have always been his main ally to get closer to the public and share his creations with them.

During 2022, they filled the plate of the capital’s Zócalo, in September, and then in November they were hired to entertain halftime in the game where the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals faced each other, at the Azteca stadium.

Also, the Grupo Firme received four recognitions at the Premios Juventud delivery and a couple more during the evening of the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Although the year is not over yet, the group set itself the goal of increasing its number of followers by launching a song completely aimed at the gay community, in which the first regional Mexican singer to openly declare himself homosexual also took part, and everything indicates that in 2023 they will once again be among the darlings of the Latino public.

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