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Grupo Firme premiered half a dozen songs, “Puras pa’ pistear”

As advertised and perhaps even in a cabalistic way, the members of Grupo Firme presented this Tuesday the 13th and at noon, six songs with their respective videos from the album titled “Puras pa’ pistear”.

The identification of this group has been enormous with their fans, to the point that hours before their new musical themes were officially released, hundreds of messages began to flood social networks with comments about what they expected about their performers. .

“I want to hear it now”, “I hope it is just as perron as the others”, “let it go”, were some of the comments generated by some desperate fans.

It should be noted that This production includes at least three surprises that will expand the segment of fans identified with the Firm Group.

The first innovation has to do with a theme aimed at the gay community, which is entitled “Me perdere por wey”.

The second surprise is that Jhonny, the first regional Mexican singer to openly declare himself homosexual, is the one who —along with the group— interprets the song which is expected to soon appear in the first places of popularity.

And the third point to highlight is related to a song recorded to the sound of cumbia.

Likewise, the group led by Eduin Caz resumed the recording format of its videos with which it managed to quickly connect with its fans in its first years of breaking onto the scene in Baja California.

In other words, far from betting on excessive technological resources, video clips were produced resembling simple meetings between great friends.

To crown the effort of Grupo Firme, a seventh musical theme written by its leader was additionally presented, something that fans did not really expect.

And it is that this year, the group achieved resounding success because in September it filled the Zócalo square in Mexico City, but later in November it was in charge of the halftime show at the game where the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals, at Azteca Stadium.

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