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Grupo Firme and Carin León prepare a song for the reconciliation of “toxic” couples

One more time firm group and carin leon they collaborate again. A little more than two years after they starred in a tremendous release as “El Tóxico”, both bring us record material that is no longer out of spite, but of love, as revealed on their networks. Edwin Cazvocalist of the famous group

Eduin published on his instagram account a series of photographs where he appears accompanied by Carín León and the other members of Grupo Firmeis that it is known that a new collaboration with the interpreter of songs like “Que vuelves” and “No es por acá” is coming soon, among others.

“Preparing something new because the toxic has already reconciled with the toxic”


And it is that, the theme “El Tóxico”, which is one of the most famous today, speaks of a man who is hurt after the break with his partner.

For what he will do everything to make her hate him for the rest of his life, because, although he did everything possible to make her love him, the woman only paid him with deceit and contempt, for this reason, the protagonist of said topic will now take revenge.

Despite the fact that this famous song by Grupo Firme and Carin León continues to be a success, Both artists are already preparing a second part of this song where, as often happens in toxic relationships. The couples reconcile and give each other a new chance despite everything they said and did to each other.

So it is expected that the new song by Grupo Firme and Carín León is about love and that it talks about second chances.

It should be noted that before the announcement of this new theme that friends, colleagues and fans of these idols of the Mexican regional are being prepared they applauded the return of the formula for success that they were in 2020, so they can no longer wait to hear the new theme.

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