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Greta Thunberg turns 20 and these have been her most iconic speeches

The activist has been in the eye of the hurricane in recent days

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The environmental activist Greta Tintin Eleonora Thunberg, He is arriving today at his 20 years of age.

Greta was born on January 3, 2003 in the Swedish capital Stockholm, she is known for being an environmentalist, who focuses on the risks posed by global warming.

She is the actor’s daughter Svante Thunberg and the lyrical singer Malena Emman, who responded to Sweden in Eurivision 2009.

It is Greta herself who says that she heard the topic of global warming and climate change for the first time in 2011. She was eight years old there.

From that moment he thought that it could not be that so little was being done in this regard.

When she was 14 years old, she says that she became depressed and stopped talking and eating, until she was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder and selective multism.

He acknowledges that his condition “before he has limited it”, but he doesn’t see Asperger’s as a problem and instead transforms it into a superpower.

His strong attitude, his way of speaking so direct and forceful, has raised praise, but has also earned some detractors from Public opinion.

Her clearest message to politicians and legislatures is to call for immediate action to address what she describes as the “climate crisis.”

ANDl August 20, 2018 lThe Swedish woman, who was in the ninth grade of secondary school, decided not to attend school until the general elections in Sweden in 2018.

She demanded that the Government of her country reduce carbon emissions based on the provisions of the Paris Agreement, so she decided to protest by sitting on the outskirts of the Riksdag every day during the school day, this with a poster whose message said “School strike for the climate”.

most iconic speeches

Here we leave you one of the most iconic speeches of Greta in her fight as an environmental activist.

Thunberg’s most famous speech to date is when she mocked world leaders for empty promises about the climate change.

Another speech that brought Thunberg worldwide recognition was when she addressed the French Parliament in July 2019, when she called on lawmakers to unite behind the science.

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