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Green Tech company launches new comparison service

Green tech company Voltify launches a new comparison and booking service for renewable energy. Search in your area and get direct offers on solar cells, batteries and charging boxes from installers near you. The new service will solve several of the industry’s problems and make it easier for both customers and installers.

– We return control to the installer. In this way, it will be both easier and safer for the customer to compare and book renewable energy, says Ove Känngård, CEO at Voltify.

With skyrocketing electricity prices and a growing interest in renewable energy, the waiting time for solar cells has become long. Sometimes up to a year and longer. This is partly due to increased demand and material shortages, but also to the fact that the sales companies have sold more than the installers are able to deliver, says Voltify.

“The industry needs to become simpler and safer”

The comparison and booking service Voltify.co was launched yesterday, February 6. The new service will solve problems such as the eternal quote hunt and long lead times from order to delivery.

– As a customer, today you receive quotes from perhaps seven different installers, or sales companies, as it often is actually. You must understand the quotes and qualitatively compare them. You also need to trust that the installer maintains high quality and can deliver according to schedule. It is not simple, says Fredric Känngård, Partner manager at Voltify, and continues:

– The industry needs to become simpler and safer. When we developed this service, we were inspired by leading hotel booking services. We combine that with our own advisory and booking service. We firmly believe that Voltify.co is part of the solution to supply the consumer market with high volume solar installations and shorten lead times.

Ambition to scale up internationally

At Voltify.co, the customer compares quotes from different installers with access to free advice directly from Voltify and the installer’s lowest price guarantee on the site. This makes it both easier and safer to find the right one in renewable energy.

When booking, the Voltify team is responsible for the project documentation. The document is then handed over digitally to the installer, who becomes the owner of the project and receives payment directly from the customer.

– The installers get more control in the value chain, improved liquidity and increase their profitability. Initially, installers are connected in major Swedish cities to expand to cover most of the country. However, the ambition is greater than that. With the launch behind us, we are now taking the next step and looking at alternatives to scale up the business internationally, says Ove Känngård.

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