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Graphic Supports in Monographs – Incorruptible

What kind of graphic support is used in a single monograph?

What are the components of monographs? graphic resources such as illustrations, diagrams, graphs, and tables.

What type of graphic support is used?:

The synoptic squares, mental maps, ideals, tables, graphs, diagrams or time lines constitute a part of certain examples that make up the various graphic supports that exist.

What kind of support is used in a monograph?:

Appendices and annexes.
They are all those materials or documents product of the investigation that served as support to develop the monograph.

What kind of graphic supports are used within the expository text?

Information exposed in descriptions, tables, diagrams, concept maps, mental maps and synoptic charts, among others.

What graphic supports are used when exposing a topic?

The conceptual or mental maps, the synoptic squares, these are graphic resources that serve to synthesize and better understand the information in a text.

What graphic assets are used to organize the information in a monograph?

Immediately afterwards, we present the types of graphic goods:

  • The tables.
  • images and icons.
  • Mental maps.
  • Ideal maps.
  • Summary tables.
  • Graphics.
  • Sorting by bullets.
  • Brainstorm.

What are the graphic supports within a message?

What type of graphic support is used?
What are the graphic supports within the text? It serves to present data in a simpler and faster way with visual elements. For example: tables, bars, graphs, diagrams, ideal maps.

What kind of graphic resources are being able to be used in infographics?

To make an infographic, you have to consider these fundamental elements:

  • The qualifier. It has to be clear, concise and externalize the main idea of ​​the infographic.
  • The header. A subheading that represents the second major part of the content.
  • The text.
  • The body.
  • Sources.
  • Easy and brief qualifier.
  • easy language.
  • Images.

What are the graphic assets of expository texts?

Graphic goods illustrate or complement the information in the texts, and we can classify them as follows: Images such as photographs, illustrations or maps. Literal coordinators, such as diagrams, synoptic tables or conceptual and mental maps. There are also descriptions, diagrams and tables.

What are the graphic supports within a text?

A graphic support is a tool that is used to show data in an abbreviated way, with an easy interpretation, which allows to compare information, to order in categories, to represent numerical data or specific places within a geographic space and to signal the parts of an object. or the phases of a process.

What is the graphic of an expository text?

Expository texts with graphics present data or information about a topic, to which they incorporate graphics that complement or better explain the content.

What is a graphic support in an exhibition?

What graphic supports are used when exposing a topic?
Graphic supports are valuable resources that facilitate the presentation and understanding of information; They provide dynamism, but it is also not appropriate to abuse them, since if there are too many they can cause distraction to achieve the objective of enriching the information you provide.

What are the graphic elements of an exhibition?

What graphic supports are used when exposing a topic?
graphics in presentations
The data can be represented by bars, lines or circles, depending on the nature of the data we will have to choose a different type of description. The interpretation of the graphic in the presentation is key to understanding the content of the exhibition.

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