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Grandeliga Miguel Sanó pronounces himself for the crime committed by his father in the Dominican Republic

Miguel Sanó, current player for the Minnesota Twins.

Photo: David Berding/Getty Images

The Dominican baseball player Miguel Sanó, current player for the Minnesota Twins in Major League Baseball, spoke out through a statement about the events involving his father as the perpetrator of the murder of his former partner in the Dominican Republic. The man named Ricardo Aponte is currently being persecuted by the authorities of that country.

I’ve been in the United States this offseason, fully focused on preparing for the upcoming baseball season. I found out about the unfortunate situation in which my biological father is involved in the Dominican Republic through the media, as well as the general public.Sano wrote.

To be clear, his real name is Ricardo Aponte and he does not carry my mother’s last name (Sanó), who did not raise me as a child nor did we have any kind of relationship. The person who raised me as if he were my biological father is Franscico Ernesto Soriano. I send my thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. I have no more comments“, ended Sanó in a forceful message to public opinion after the unfortunate event.

Ricardo Aponte would have abandoned Miguel Sanó as soon as he was a child

Previously, the baseball player had been asked about his father in an interview with journalist Yancel Pujols, and the big league would have confirmed that his father had abandoned him and his mother from a very young age, but nevertheless did not hold any grudge against him. She also stated that she had seen him on several occasions and that the subject also lived off of him.

in the statement The Dominican baseball player makes it clear that Franscico Ernesto Soriano, his stepfather, is the one who has seen him as a true biological fathertotally different from the way Ricardo Aponte, his biological father, behaved.

It should be noted that Sanó stated that he will not give any further statements in this regard on the aforementioned case and expressed his solidarity with the victims and the affected relatives.

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