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Grafiato Wall Texture | Photos, How To, Necessary Material

Grafiato Wall Texture | Photos, How to Make, Necessary Material: A new house or renovation of an old one always takes time. This is because the harmony of the house does not depend only on beautiful furniture, decoration objects and a rug that matches, but on the total harmony of the environment and in this regard one of the factors that are left aside, but that make a big difference in the finish part are the walls.

Grafiato Wall Texture | Photos, How to do it, Necessary Material (Photo: Disclosure)

White walls with Grafiato Wall Texture | Photos, How To, Necessary Material leave a “clean” air in the environment, but that does not mean that, as a rule, they need to be colorless and a detail can even give a more sophisticated look to the place, so what has been used, and a lot, to help in the composition of the house environments are walls decorated with textures!

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Grafiato Wall Texture | Photos, How To, Necessary Material

The good thing about this case is that there is no specific environment that supports the texture, so you can play with colors and tones and use the wall texture for the living room, bedroom, living room, bathroom and other places you deem appropriate. . This texture can be differentiated, but what has become more used is grafiato, which is a coating with a more rustic air and can be used both inside and outside the house, it is easy to apply, quick drying and with excellent consistency, another point positive of this putty is that it is easy to clean and has great resistance to mildew.

External and internal environments can receive the technique (Photo: Disclosure)

Now the big question is: Wall texture how to do it? As previously mentioned, the grafiato putty is easy to apply, so it doesn’t present any major difficulties, although it takes a little time and patience to get the hang of it!

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Wall texture material

Texture is simple and the materials needed to decorate your wall can be purchased at any home improvement store. Remembering that the materials may vary in model and price according to the reseller store. What you will need to do this technique is:

  • 1 roll of sheep wool;
  • 1 PVC trowel for grafiato;
  • 1 of steel and sandpaper.

How to make wall texture

First clean the place where you intend to apply the technique, using sandpaper to remove imperfections and wash if necessary (to remove mold or greasy marks) and let it dry; then dilute the Sealer in water (always following the instructions for use) and apply with the wool roller, from top to bottom; wait for drying to start applying the coating; apply the putty with the smooth steel trowel, in small parts, so that you can create the effect before it dries; leave the dough uniform, without apparent grains and pass the PVC trowel to give the scratched appearance and it’s ready!

Technique should be used on only one wall in the same room (Photo: Disclosure)

If you want to get some ideas, you can look for wall texture photos through Jura Pinturas or go to a paint store that has this service, so you’ll have the job just the way you imagined it, without any big surprises.

Another idea to give a new face to the walls of your house are the stone walls and there are companies specialized in this type of service, just look for it, the idea is to create environments with your face and a cozy home and let creativity and good taste interact . Check out some more texture tips! Access the website -> Making a texture on the wall (Lu Moura).

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Templates for texture vary

With technology, there are countless materials with different art formats to perform the texture. In fact, the decoration market itself has grown a lot in recent years and this expands even more the products and professionals in the area, who always seek to qualify to serve their customers.

Colors and models vary according to the environment (Photo: Handout)

The different models allow people to use the grafiato technique on different walls of the same house. That is, you can make a model in the living room and another in the bedroom. The technique always makes the environment beautiful, but repeating the same moles does not always look good.

If you want to save money, you can look for different materials to decorate the wall. An example of this is using an old broom, do you know when the wires are crumpled? This can help you do the graffiti and make the environment look more modern.

It is worth remembering that grafiato has been used for years and works for external and internal areas. The basic tip is that these techniques should not be used on another wall in the same room, except if it is a facade or an internal wall. Indoors, this type of art makes the environment tiring.

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