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Government stops imposing limits on the price of gas cylinders

If you are a consumer of bottled gas, know that, as of this month, the price will increase. So get ready to face this increase.

Between August and October 2022, the Government, on the recommendation of the Regulatory Authority for Energy Services (ERSE), established, through conciergemaximum prices for bottled gas, as had already happened during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To justify the establishment of maximum values, ERSE pointed out the existence of structural problems in the market, with prices out of step with international quotations.

Following this recommendation, in October, for example, the maximum prices for bottled gas were as follows:

  • €23.27 for a 9 kg bottle of LPG Butane (T3 type);
  • €27.66 for a 12.5 kg bottle of LPG Propane (T3 type);
  • €82.74 for a 35kg bottle of LPG Propane (T5 type).

Starting in November, the Government, also on the recommendation of ERSE, will not extend this maximum price limit regime, which is why resellers will now be able to freely set the prices for the sale to the public of gas cylinders??

This means that it is very likely that you will pay more for the gas cylinder this monthso get ready to face this increase.

It is recalled that the National Association of Fuel Dealers had already demanded the end of this regime, which was harming the sector’s margins.

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