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Government sanctions gas vouchers for CadÚnico subscribers

The gas voucher will help low-income families in Brazil to be able to buy 13 kg of cooking gas every two months, which today amounts to R$ 100.00 and R$ 135.00 in some states of Brazil.

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What is the gas voucher?

“Gas dos Brasileiros” is nothing more than a social program focused on helping low-income families to be able to buy cooking gas.

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Every two months, these families will receive an amount that will correspond to 50% of the national average price of resellers of 13 kg cylinders. Price averages are usually always disclosed through the Oil National Agency, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). So far, the 13 kg cylinder has reached the price of R$ 100.00 and in other places it is priced at R$ 135.00.

Who can receive?

Families who will be entitled to the gas voucher must be included in the Single Registry, and have a per capita income less than or equal to half a minimum wage, which would be something like R$ 550.00.

People who have in their family members who receive the Benefit of Continuous Provision (BPC), which has a minimum wage for people with disabilities, and the elderly over 65 years old, in addition to proving that they are unable to provide the family, will also be able to receive help for cooking gas.

The gas voucher has full preference for families that have women who are victims of domestic violence, and who undergo monitoring of protective measures.

How should it be paid?

Payments for this voucher will be made preferably to female heads of household, in addition to the possibility that the government will use the Auxílio Brasil to facilitate payments for this benefit.

When does it start working?

The Executive should carry out the regulation in about 60 days, after the publication of the law, with all the established criteria to which all families can have access, in addition to periodicity. These installments cannot be paid at intervals greater than 60 days.

How long will the gas voucher be paid?

This program will last for 5 years, in this way, payments will be made every two months, with a forecast of 30 installments.

How many people will benefit?

It is expected to serve around 19 million Brazilian families, and 14.6 million of these families are included in the Single Registry, in addition to receiving the Bolsa Família (Auxílio Brasil), and another 4.7 million that rely on the BPC.

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