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Government members defend the return of emergency aid

Some members of the government defend the return of Emergency Aid, so that it is possible to keep people safe until there is a positive acceptance by the Senate regarding the PEC of Precatories.

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What is the motivation for the return of emergency aid?

Some allies of the President of the Republic suggest that there is an extension of the Emergency Aid until the Senate approves the PEC of Precatories to expand the payments of the Aid Brazil.

These same members of the political wing observe that many people who depended on the Bolsa Familia or Emergency Assistance, feel disappointed when facing huge queues to carry out the required cadastral renewal.

This feeling of frustration will increase from the moment that 20 million Brazilians learn that they will no longer be entitled to receive the Auxílio Brasil. This speech is from an advisor to the presidency who is in favor of the return of Emergency Aid.

What is Emergency Aid?

This program was created in 2020 to help people who were negatively affected during the Covid-19 pandemic, given the need to close establishments to prevent the spread of the highly contagious disease.

With no other ways to get around this situation of health crisis in Brazil, the government had to fight against time to create a program that assists self-employed people and mothers who are heads of families who have lost their jobs.

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Emergency Aid comes into existence in April 2020, just one month after the start of the lockdown in the country, and at this point it is important to carry out the proper registration and wait for the analyzes carried out by DataPrev to find out whether or not you have the right to receive the amount of R$ 600.00.

Due to the high demand from the population, the delay in analyzes lasted for a long time, in addition to there being people who were not even able to immediately receive a positive response and had to insist two or three times to be entitled to receive Emergency Aid.

In August 2020, the Emergency Aid was extended, which went from BRL 600.00 to BRL 300.00 to beneficiaries who had received it since April of that same year, but those who had been recently approved would continue to receive the higher amount. high until December, when the cycle would close for good.

What is the PEC of precatories?

The PEC of Precatories has as its main proposal to pay in installments the debts that need to be paid in the next year, an amount that is practically R$ 90 million. There is a correction in the values ​​of debts at the Selic rate, in addition to changing the way of performing the calculations for the Spending Ceiling.

With the name of a meteor, the PEC dos Precatorios affects the Union’s debts with both individuals and legal entities, and most people work in the public sector, in addition to other servants at a lower level.

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