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Google will allow the police to access your videos without a court order • ENTER.CO

Although the law does not require companies to give access to their users’ private information without a court order, Google will allow the police to search the cameras in your home even if they do not have an official document. In other words, it’s not like a police officer telling Google “I need the data of x person” and they deliver it immediately, they must demonstrate that it is an emergency case for it.

But Google is not the first company to allow such access, we learned earlier this month that Amazon would provide access to the police even without a warrant. Now, reviewing Google’s privacy policy we find that they have an exception similar to that of Amazon. That being said, law enforcement will be able to access data from your Nest products; in fact, they will be able to access any other data that Google stores about you, as long as it is an “emergency” situation.

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Regarding “emergency information requests” the company maintains that: “If we reasonably believe that we can prevent someone from death or serious physical harm, we can provide information to a government agency, for example, in the case of bomb threats, shootings in schools, kidnappings, suicide prevention and missing persons cases. We still consider these requests in light of applicable laws and our policies.”

As reported in The Verge, Amazon revealed that as of early July, they had already fulfilled 11 such requests so far this year. For its part, Google has not included information about “emergency” requests in its transparency report. However, CNET argued that an anonymous Nest spokesperson told the media that Google is trying to warn its users that they will provide their personal data to law enforcement. However, in cases of emergency, the company will announce until “the emergency has passed”.


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