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Google wants to create an alternative to Dolby Atmos that is free • ENTER.CO

When the world met Google, it was conceived as a company dedicated to internet search. Over time, the company has begun to expand into other branches of technology. On this occasion, the company is working on the ‘Caviar Project’.

Although its name doesn’t tell us much, we already know what it is, thanks to a leaked video of a Google meeting with hardware manufacturers behind closed doors that reached Protocol. Google is developing surround sound technology that could compete directly with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

Although Google did not answer the questions about the project, we already know that the main advantage of this technology is that it will be open source. This would immediately mark the difference between ‘Project Caviar’ and Dolby Atmos, since Dolby Laboratories, the company behind the standard audio storage systems, manages a closed code, therefore, payment.

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The company’s main focus for ‘Project Caviar’ is its music streaming platform: ‘YouTube’. However, Google also plans to include other industry players such as mobile device manufacturers and service providers. In fact, product manager Roshan Baliga describes the project’s goal as “a broader, healthier ecosystem” for premium media experiences.

Baliga did not mention Dolby specifically during his presentation, but he made it clear that the company is looking to establish alternatives to the Atmos and Vision formats. “We realized that there are premium media experiences where there are no great royalty-free solutions,” he said, adding that “license costs for premium HDR video and 3D audio can hurt manufacturers and consumers.” And it is that, for a device to carry the Dolby Atmos logo, you must pay a license of 3 euros per device.

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