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Google Play Store puts a time limit on ads in apps • ENTER.CO

It’s over! Google Play Store will put a time limit of 15 seconds on the ads that appear in the applications that are marketed in this store. Its goal is to reduce annoying ads that cannot be closed as much as possible.

For this, Google Play Store are launching a new powerful policy. With this new policy, Google plans to update the rules of several of the application categories. With this, it intends to eliminate the loopholes or voids that could have been used by some developers to skip the existing rules. The most important change that will directly impact users is the one related to ads. The goal is to enable “high-quality experiences for users when using Google Play apps.” Therefore, from September 30, developers will not be able to show full-screen ads in applications that do not allow you to close it after 15 seconds. Although there is a rule, there are also exceptions, such as the case of watching longer videos to get a reward. Cases in which the video appears at the break of an action are also excepted.

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As it is, Google’s ad policy says that these can be discarded at any time without this implying a penalty. Also, that full screen ads must be able to be closed. The novelty, in this case, is in the limit of 15 seconds. Similarly, the rule says that these announcements cannot be unexpected. Something that was already in the previous rule, but this time it comes with clear examples. It is noteworthy that Google’s rules for ads that can be shown to children are stricter. While these rules won’t be changing, some changes to the tools developers use to deliver those ads are expected in November.

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