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Google+ Photo Zoom Extension for Chrome

Little by little I am getting used to Google+. The most interesting feature by far IMHO is the circles to group users and get filtered news. One thing I think is missing is update notifications for your circles. As it stands now, you need to click on each circle stream to see if there are any new posts and updates.

Many web developers have started publishing extensions and plugins for Google Plus. This is natural and has also happened shortly after the launch of Google Buzz (which failed miserably).

An interesting application is the Google+ Photo Zoom extension for the Chrome browser. Basically, it enables larger image previews in Google+ streams.

Images are posted in a fixed size on Google+ streams. Users must click on images to open the photo browser and view a larger version of the image in the browser.

That’s not very useful if you want to see images in their original resolution and not as thumbnails with reduced details.

Photo Zoom allows you to zoom with the mouse over. All you need to do is move your mouse cursor over an image in a sequence to get a larger version in an overlay.

The overlay image is aligned with the right side of the Chrome browser. Its actual size depends on the browser window. Images that are large enough, for example, will grow dynamically when you move your mouse cursor from the right side of the posted image to the left.

photo zoom

The example screenshot above is a pretty bad example due to the identical sizes. It demonstrates functionality very well, on the other hand. Simply hover your mouse over the image on the left to see a larger version of the image popup (if available).

Photo Zoom comes with four options. One to enable or disable the functionality and three that define the type of images the extension will work with. Profile icons, Picasa images, and external images are available.


Chrome users can download Photo Zoom from the official Google Chrome web store (via ).

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