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Google patents a folding cell phone similar to Samsung’s Fold • ENTER.CO

For a long time now we have been talking about a folding phone from Google, of which the company has not officially spoken, but about which there are already quite a few rumors. That it would come out this year (which is unlikely to happen), that its name will be ‘Pixel Notepad’, a name that has not yet been confirmed. Now, a leak published by 91mobiles reveals that the company is indeed working on a folding cell phone, but that it is very new (at least in structure).

The revealed leak is about a patent for Google’s folding cell phone filed with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in June of last year. But, although the patent was filed a year ago, until today it came to light; The truth is that the designs presented show a folding Pixel with a design quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.


Just as the Fold would fold in half, in the form of a book, however, unlike Samsung’s foldable, this one has slightly thicker screen bezels. On the other hand, the Mountain View company does not seem to find the solution to the fold in the middle either. Until now, no foldable has been able to eliminate the eye-catching crease in the middle of the screen.


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As for the cameras, the Google foldable does differ from that of Samsung. The selfie camera will be in the top bezel, unlike the Fold 4 which has the selfie sensor inside the screen. Specifically, the description of the Google patent mentions that it is equipped with: “A camera that has an opening located in a bezel of the second assembly that borders the flexible continuous screen.”


Looking at the patent, there seems to be no screen on the phone cover, which is already very common for viewing and performing “regular” cell phone tasks. But, as with all rumors and leaks, we mention it: the information should be treated with tweezers, as there is still nothing confirmed by the company. Once Google makes an announcement regarding its folding, we will inform you on ENTER.CO.

Images: 91mobiles/Google

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