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Google launches website for those preparing for a job interview

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also present to assist candidates who are looking for training to do well in job interviews. Interview Warmup is a free tool from Google that helps those who have doubts about how to behave in the face of a job interview.

Thanks to AI technology, the tool targets common interview questions to prepare the candidate for flexibility when the moment of truth arrives.


Through the website, it is possible to go through a pattern of interviews, contributing to the candidate’s resourcefulness. As? Through results and insights.

However, the service is not yet available in Portuguese, but it can be very useful for professionals who are planning for a position that requires a level of proficiency in English or who are looking for an opportunity abroad.

Google’s free tool helps candidates who don’t feel safe to face a job interview, with questions that help them prepare properly. Image: Pixabay

See how to use Interview Warmup

Interview Warmup asks a series of interview questions relevant to your field of work. They start from questions about professional trajectory, technical knowledge and related to the segment of activity.

Questions vary by career, but the platform also has more common questions asked by recruiters, such as “Please tell me about some of your strengths and weaknesses,” and “What is your professional goal for the next five years?”

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See how to use Interviem Warmup

The first step is to access the website. Access in your browser and click on start practicing, which is at the bottom of the main screen. Then choose your field of work from the list and click Start on the next page.

From this stage, the AI ​​will ask five questions: they can be answered both through writing and audio.

It is possible to differentiate the questions to be answered, according to each access to the site. In this way, insights will be differentiated, contributing to their preparation.

By relying on the help of the Google platform, you will certainly have a differential in relation to other candidates. And the most important thing is always to be honest, demonstrating in the most natural way possible your personality and way of being.

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