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Google in trouble? Young people prefer other search methods • ENTER.CO

Since the advent of the Internet, one of the largest segments had been Internet searches. Thus, Google quickly positioned itself in the preference of users. But now this seems to be changing with social media.

As recognized by the same search engine in a communication collected by EropaPress, a survey carried out by them showed that 40% of young people between 18 and 24 years of age prefer other search methods. Specifically, the results point to the use of social networks such as Instagram and TikTiok to search for restaurants or places to go. Even the two social networks are above Google Maps and other map applications. The company’s vice president, Prabhakar Raghavan, said that this is mainly due to a change in the ways of consuming content by the new generations.

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As a direct consequence of this result, the company is now beginning to think more about the development of more visual technologies supported by Artificial Intelligence such as Google Lens. It has also improved search systems on platforms such as YouTube where users can skip long videos to the parts that interest them most.

Some explanations about the reasons for TikTok’s preference for young people may come from data from the software developer company Qustodio. TikTok’s numbers continue to grow and its format has led it to surpass platforms like YouTube in the number of minutes of playback per day. The impact of TikTok among users has forced other companies to make adjustments to their platforms. In fact, YouTube launched a short vertical video experience in Spain that is very similar to the TikTok format. This confirms that Google is evolving as requested by its users.

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