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Google Finance: Portfolio feature will be retired in November 2017

Google Announced today that it will retire the portfolio feature from Google Finance in mid-November 2017.

The company is currently building an updated version of Google Finance and will be removing the portfolio feature as part of that process.

Google states on a support page highlighting its disapproval of the feature that it wants to make the site more accessible and user-friendly, and as part of that restructuring, the portfolios feature has to go.

In an ongoing effort to make Google Finance more accessible and easier to use for a broader audience, we will be making some changes to the service in November 2017.

The company notes that Google Finance users will still be able to follow stocks that interest them. Existing Google Finance portfolios will be automatically migrated by company so stocks are automatically tracked in Google Finance.

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It’s unclear at this time what the new experience will look like, as the redesigned version of Google Finance has yet to be released. The only indication Google provides is that Google Finance users will be able to follow stocks, market trends, and industry news.

The “add to portfolio” links are still displayed in Google Finance, and the only indication that portfolios will be withdrawn is displayed on the My Portfolio page.

Google Finance users who maintain a portfolio on the site can download the data in a spreadsheet or OFX format.

Google Finance Portfolio Alternatives

Here is a list of alternatives that you might want to check out if you want to keep managing portfolios.

  • JStock (Desktop): A free Java-based software program to keep an eye on your portfolio. It supports alerts, watchlists, charts, and news, among other things.
  • MSN Money (Online) – MSN Money Manager. Manage your portfolio online or on Windows 10 devices.
  • My Stock Portfolio & Widget (Android) – Free app to manage one or multiple portfolios on Android devices. It features real-time quotes, currency conversion, charts, market news, and more.
  • Ticker Stock Portfolio Manager (iOS): Manage one or multiple portfolios on iOS devices. Supports notifications and more. Includes subscription updates.
  • Yahoo Finance Wallets (Online): This requires a Yahoo account. You can track stock performance in real time and get news and other information related to your symbols.

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