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Google Docs to get dates, the new trend • ENTER.CO

Tired of looking for your better half through apps? Well, we got you a new way to do it, or so it seems: Google Docs for dating. It is very strange to think that Google’s text editing tool would have a utility like this, but it is clear that in the digital world almost everything is possible.

This is a new trend that could suggest that apps like Tinder and social networks like Instagram are going out of style. The curious use that is being made of this tool consists of the elaboration of something known as the “love curriculum”. It consists of making the elements that are obtained in other dating apps such as photos, age, description and preferences be in the Docs.

In text format these elements are placed. According to the media, this practice is becoming more and more frequent. Although it is now being used in the United States, it is possible that this trend will expand to other regions of the world.

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The procedure consists of making a “love resume” in a Google Docs and sharing the open link to make yourself known before the first date. This Docs link is shared in various ways, including pinning to social media profiles. Even some more proactive generate forms to make appointments.

The document itself is called “Date Me” and those who resort to this practice claim to be very selective and take looking for their better half seriously. It is not strange to find that not all the appointments that arrive are towards the love or sexual fields. In some cases appointments may arrive from businessmen interested in professional profiles. It is true that the increasing use of Google Docs to get appointments that not everyone understands is strange. Perhaps, given the trend, Google will even add some templates focused on this area.

Image: Luca Sammarco at Pexels.com

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