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Google Chrome 71 comes out with 43 security fixes

Google yesterday released Google Chrome 71 to the stable channel. The new version of the web browser is a security update first and foremost, as it includes 43 security fixes.

Google Chrome 71 will be rolling out to all desktop installations on Windows, Mac, and Linux over the next few days and weeks, according to Google.

Users and administrators who don’t want to wait days or weeks can load chrome://settings/help in the browser’s address bar to run a manual check for updates.

google chrome 71

Chrome’s internal updater should pick up the new version and download it automatically. A click on relaunch installs the new version immediately.

Chrome 71 is also available as a direct download from the project’s official website.

Changes in Chrome 71

Google is very secretive when it comes to changes. You can read about the security issues that have been fixed on the Official Chrome Release Blog. The only other option at this point is to browse the seemingly endless Chrome 71 changelog.

Since you may not want to spend hours reviewing it alone, I’ve done so and list the interesting changes that caught my eye below:

  • [Imagen en imagen] Hide play/pause button if video duration is Infinite: Chrome hides the play/pause button in the picture-in-picture window if the video duration is set to infinite.
  • [Política de origen] Change Default Request Header to ‘0’ – Ensures the header value is ‘0’.
  • Add Video Context Menu Items to MediaStream Video – Show context menu in Picture-in-Picture mode and “show “controls” for MediaStream video.
  • Fix memory leak for WebRequest API with WebSocket
  • Make cookie setting synchronous – Fixes a race condition issue with requests.
  • Update UI for unsupported Android OS and make Jelly Bean unsupported.
  • Download Android Location: Check SD card before displaying location dialog: Check if there is an SD card inserted in the device, if not, no download dialog is displayed.
  • Show AudioService information in chrome://media-internals.
  • Remove chrome://flags/#enable-ephemeral-flash-allow.
  • [Autocompletar] Only consider HTTP(S) source forms: Autocomplete ignores form URLs that don’t use HTTPS or HTTP.
  • [iOS] Enables smooth scrolling by default.
  • Remove “enable-asm-webassembly” from chrome://flags: WASM has been enabled by default for a while.
  • Remove pre-update MD modes from top-chrome-md: Chrome front-end update started, Google claims it no longer needs to support pre-update modes

ZDnet reports that Google improved Chrome’s ad-blocking mechanics by filtering out “overly aggressive or misleading ads and pop-ups” in Chrome 71, and a crackdown on sites that trick users into “subscribing to mobile subscription plans.” ». Additionally, Chrome 71 prevents sites from using the Synthesis-Speech API to play sound unless the user first interacts with the site.

Now you: Did you notice any major changes in the new version of Chrome?

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