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Goodbye to blurry photos, Google patents new technology • ENTER.CO

Are you tired of blurry photos on your cell phone? Well, this may change very soon, because Google patents a new technology that will make them much sharper. We tell you.

The name of the new technology is not very commercial: RawNeRF. But what matters most right now is what it can do for us when you need to take the perfect shot. Google’s research to improve the images that are taken from the cell phone is based on what is known as neural radiation fields. Google Research presented this new technology at the CVPR conference, with which it estimates that it will be possible to eliminate the ‘noise’ in cell phone photographs.

What are neural fields?

Known as NeRF, the fields are in short networks that have the ability to convert a 2D image, create a 3D scene automatically. For cell phone imaging effects, Google has applied it to improve results on images taken where there is low light. What is achieved with this is that the camera is going to combine different points of view and reconstruct the scene. This is achieved thanks to a processor that allows a sharper result.

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When taking pictures in dark environments it is very common to get a lot of noise in the image. The purpose of this technology is to eliminate it, for which RawNeRF uses the RAW images (of maximum quality). In addition to having sharper images, more precise details and better colors are achieved. Google wants this technology to go far beyond just removing noise. You want to enhance the details in each image to give a much more precise bokeh effect. This is a technology that Google patents, but that is in development, which may or may not materialize. but if it is successful, surely in a few years we will be able to see it on all cell phones.

Image: Andrea Piacquadio at Pexels.com

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