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Good news! Harley Quinn is renewed for a fourth season • ENTER.CO

Not even HBO Max would dare to cancel Harley Quinn. The series has been renewed for a fourth season.

With the cancellation landscape and the particular ‘contempt’ that Warner has shown its animated products, many fans feared that series like Harley Quinn would make the list of cancellations. Good news! DC’s most famous gay villain couple will return once again for a fourth season on HBO Max.

For now there are not many details about the return of the series to HBO Max. The only change that has been reported is that Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, co-creators of the animated series, are stepping down as showrunners for the series, to Sarah Peters.

The renewal has undoubtedly been motivated by the popularity of the series, especially now that the series can be seen legally and simultaneously with its arrival on HBO Max. The third season remains on the air and is premiering a new episode every week. It’s also not easy to guess what new route season four will take when we’re only on episode seven of 10.

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The story so far has focused on Poison Ivy’s plan to create a natural paradise in Gotham, Batman dealing with his split from Catwoman, the Joker running for mayor of the city, and James Gunn directing a terrible movie for Warners.

Surely the new season will continue to explore the relationship between Harley and Ivy (Poison Ivy) especially now that Quinn is exploring the idea of ​​not being the villain that she always believed. In the comics this facet of Quinn becoming an anti-heroine/source of chaos has brought about great stories, so we can only assume that the animated series will do the same… with that unique twist that has made it one of the best products they’ve ever seen. come out of the DC universe in a long time.

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