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Good luck ritual for Aquarius: celebrate the start of your astral cycle

If you were born betweenOn January 20 and February 18 your sign is Aquarius which means that you will celebrate your birthday during this astrological month and the best time to perform a ritual that allows you to start your astral cycle with positive energy and thus attract good luck.

Aquarius is an air sign which means that you are idealistic, intellectual and are attracted to new things. His ruling planet is Uranus, making him progressive, innovative and rebellious, as he fights for his beliefs and does not allow himself to be manipulated.

Your astrological characteristics cause your personality to be extravagant, that is, you want to be unique and original. In addition, the humanitarian vocation moves you so you are pleasant to others. However, you live in a struggle to preserve your independence, which is why you tend to repress your emotions.

How to take advantage of your astrological energy to start your return to the sun on the right foot? Astrologers think that the best time to enhance your cosmic abilities is precisely on your birthday, so we leave you a personalized ritual for you who are an Aquarius.

Birthday ritual for good luck for Aquarius

You will need half a glass of 96 alcohol, a tablespoon of powdered rosemary or a sprig, lavender flowers, 1 cinnamon stick, 3 cloves and a medium glass bottle that does not have figurines.

According to the magazine You online, You must do this ritual three days before your birthday or at most the day before it. In the glass of alcohol, add all the ingredients and mix with a spoon clockwise, that is, making circles to the right.

Let sit for a couple of days or if you did it the day before your birthday leave it overnight. Then strain and empty into the glass jar. Put a spray on it, if you like, to make it work like a lotion.

After bathing, place this concoction in your hands and massage your arms, legs and feet while you think about all the positive things that are happening in your life right now and imagine what goals you want to achieve in your astrological new year.

You can save the lotion to put on before an important event, to get lucky, or if you ever feel overwhelmed.

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