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Gomita fears for her life after the release of her father, whom she denounced for beating her: “I’m scared to death”

Araceli Ordaz Campos, better known as “Gomita”.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

In September 2021 Aracely Ordazwho is also known as gummyannounced through social networks that was a victim of family violence at the hands of his father since he hit her face and body repeatedly. After experiencing this difficult moment, she decided to call the police to request a restraining order, which she obtained several months later.

A little over a year later, the Mexican authorities found him guilty, giving him a one-year prison sentence Because, as explained by the same driver during a recent interview with the psychologist Silvia Olmedo, they did not find enough evidence to give him the maximum sentence, which is six years.

“They give him a one-year sentence, which is the lowest because they could only accuse him of physical violence because I didn’t arrive almost dead, They did not reach six years in prison, which is the highest, and their fine was $4,000 pesos.“, he explained.

Despite the beatings he received, Mr. Alfredo Ordaz Barajas was released after posting bail of $4,000 pesos, so now the 28-year-old presenter also assures that he fears for his life.

“I’m scared, I’m dying of fear because now I do feel that my life is in danger because of the person I lived with.”

Aracely Ordaz

And although they no longer live under the same roof, he confesses that he feels even more afraid because he finally denounced him and his attitude has been very arrogant, since it is not the first time that he has liked a person.

“It hurts me that my own father scares me so much. It is not the first time that he hits me or my mother, he did it since I was a little girl. I burned my hands on the stove because I got bad grades“, revealed.

Between tears and visibly affected by everything she has experienced, she recalled that on some occasion her father went to jail for beating a person who was even in a coma, a situation that they hid at the time so that it would not affect their image and with it the projects where the whole family was.

“He was already in jail on some occasion, we released him, we didn’t say anything because he asked us not to say anything because he was going to lose his job.”

Gomita denied that she decided to talk about what happened to find money, because if that were the plan, she assures that she could have denounced him for forcing her to work when she was a child.

“If I wanted to earn money, Why don’t I denounce him for child exploitation? What do I want money for? I wanted my peace of mind,” he added between tears.

He stressed that it is very painful to see himself in this situation, but he did it because the only fear his father had was that people would find out what he really is like and all the damage he caused them, especially his mother.

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