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Gomita celebrates that her father was found guilty of beating her: “Divine Justice” | VIDEO

After more than a year of denouncing having been a victim of assaults and family violence, Araceli Ordaz, better known as Gomita, reported that justice had finally arrived.

Well, his father and aggressor, Alfredo Ordaz Barajas, was found guilty of the aforementioned crimes, which occurred in September 2021 and for which he requested a restraining order against his father.

Through a series of videos, the clown made known the violence that she experienced at the hands of her father, which was not only towards her, her mother also suffered from it.

In fact, For defending her, she suffered a strong attack in which the man hit her and even ripped off her hair extensions.. In addition, he pointed out that this was not the first time this had happened.

In a video broadcast on social networks, Gomita reported the conviction against his father, explained that he had to leave the hearing because the man was disrespecting him, but then he received a call giving him the good news. She said she was grateful to God for the judge’s resolution: “God is good to good people”said Gomita.

On the way to her home, she asked the women not to remain silent and always raise their voices in the face of violence. He added that divine justice exists, so you have to leave any problem in the hands of God, the Virgin or what everyone believes.

Gomita claimed to be an empowered, kind, empathetic and beautiful woman, so her heart and person deserve to be treated in the same way. She said that she did not deserve to be treated as she was.

It was through her Instagram stories that the little clown denounced what she had experienced at the hands of her father, she said that it was not the first time it had happened, but like many victims of violence, it was hard for her to stop shutting up.

According to his story, the man mistreated his mother and she, when defending her, also suffered blows and humiliation.

But one day she got tired, she couldn’t take it anymore, the physical and emotional pain made her explode and with tears in her eyes she recounted what had happened, blowing up social networks.

Of course there were those who criticized her and said that she only wanted to advertise, but there was also the other side, that of empathy, solidarity, the one that supports to continue and not give up despite the adversities. The also model kept the latter and took legal action against her father.

For his part, Alfredo Ordaz Barajas denied the accusations and said that he never hit his wife or daughter. He assured that it was all about a “problem that got out of hand” between him and his partner, which had a solution, but “third parties interfered.”

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