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Gold credit card: what is it?

The gold credit card is one of the many credit card options available in the market. In order to understand which is the best financial product to purchase, it is essential to pay attention to the most appropriate one for your needs as a customer, the benefits and advantages it brings, so as not to pay for services that you will not need to use.

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What is the Gold Credit Card?

The gold credit card is a financial product, designed and developed to serve a certain type of public. Therefore, it is important for the customer to know the different types of credit cards in order to choose the product that best suits their needs.

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The gold credit card caters to people with a medium to high purchasing power, with an income slightly higher than the minimum wage and over 18 years old. There is the possibility for people over 16 to acquire, however, it will be necessary to be emancipated by their parents and have their own income.

How does the Gold credit card work?

Gold credit cards can be used both nationally and internationally, it is one of those with the highest annual fee compared to other products in a similar category, with an approximate value of R$ 300.00 reais per year.

The minimum income of the target audience for this product is between R$ 2,000.00 to R$ 2,500.00. It is important to remember that before releasing the credit, an analysis of the customer’s profile is carried out.

What is the Gold card limit?

It is only after an analysis of the customer’s profile that the value of the gold credit card limit is released, it can be between R$ 500.00 to R$ 1,500.00, but it can reach higher values ​​depending on bank transactions and concentration of services provided in the same financial product.

What is the initial limit?

Depending on the client’s income and profile, an initial amount of R$ 500.00 to R$ 1,500.00 may be released. However, it is important to remember that an analysis of the person’s profile is always carried out, for the release of these services and financial products.

No limit is granted if there is no such type of analysis, which is why several types of cards are developed, so that each one can cater to its specific audience.

What are the advantages of the Gold card?

The gold credit card has several advantages, for example, with the Mastercard and Visa flags, it offers an advantage program such as the Mastercard Surpreenda, which scores a point with each purchase made and the sum of the points can be exchanged for discount vouchers at several establishments; it’s the Go from Visa which also offers benefits and promotions, in addition to being completely free.

What are the benefits of the Gold Card?

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The gold credit card has benefit services such as:

  • travel assistance;
  • Emergency withdrawal;
  • Extended warranty;
  • Emergency card replacement;
  • Rental vehicle insurance;
  • Purchase protection insurance;
  • Price insurance.

It’s always good to be informed when you’re going to buy something, especially when it comes to a financial product, as in the case of a gold credit card. It is always important to analyze whether its advantages suit you, since it is customized to suit your type of customer profile.

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