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Goalkeeper dies in the middle of the game after saving a penalty: tragedy in Belgium and alarm in football

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Soccer dresses in mourning again for the death of a player in the middle of a matcha scene already repeated for several years and that has generated all kinds of methods and preventions to take care of health and mainly life.

The incident occurred last Monday in a match between Winkel Sport B and Westrozebeke, from the Belgian second division. the archer Arnee Espeel saved a penalty, and in the midst of the celebration, collapsed and fell onto the pitch, never to wake up again.despite the rapid intervention of his teammates and the medical services of his team.

“The ball was still in play and our goalkeeper served as quickly as possible, but then he fell unconscious. It has been a terrible scene”, declared the technical assistant of the club Winkel Sport B, in statements collected by the Belgian media.

Reactions to the death of goalkeeper Arne Espeel

Sadness and pain have taken hold, not only of the club’s players, but of the entire city of Sint-Eloois-Winkel and its inhabitants who pay tribute from Monday to goalkeeper who died very young, at the age of 25.

The news of the death of Arne Espeel was not immediately. The player was rushed to a local hospital but he never recovered. Half an hour after the game was paralyzed, the footballers and fans received the tragic outcome.

“All the players were in the locker room together after the incident. When the word came that our goalkeeper was dead, it was an unusually heavy blow. I think some still don’t realize what exactly has happened,” added the assistant coach of the Belgian second division club.

Until now, the specific reasons for the player’s death have not been disclosed. It is not ruled out that it was something related to heart problems.

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