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go up to the Douro with a meal at the Lagar

O Lagar, in Torre de Moncorvo, is the best place to enjoy a tasty meal from Trás-os-Montes and explore a little-known Douro.

O winepress is a beautiful restaurant located in Torre de Moncorvo. Portugal has many spaces that serve good traditional food, but there are few that manage to present the excellence of Trás-os-Montes cuisine as it is done there.

It is a space where, at reasonable prices, you can enjoy a gastronomic experience of great value that will comfort your body and soul.

This very peculiar restaurant provides a completely unmissable gastronomic experience, where you can enjoy the best of traditional Portuguese food, namely the true Trás-os-Montes cuisine. The Press it is the best place in the region to enjoy a beautiful meal.

The familiar, welcoming and extremely pleasant atmosphere will forever remain in the memory of those who visit this space, where every meal is a repast.

Located in the historic center of Torre de Moncorvo, this restaurant was once a wine cellar. It has an experience of three decades and has become a reference for the region. Forming part of the old oil mill that gave the name to the restaurant, this space brings together several particularities that make it very special.

O Lagar is a restaurant that, in addition to offering good food, provides a complete experience. The strategy of keeping in its decoration some elements from the time when the olive held all the protagonism in the space proved to be extremely successful.

The decor in brown tones, combined with the robust wood that supports the roof, as well as the stone walls, make the restaurant a wonderful starting point for traveling to “the world of in the past”, feeling a unique regional touch. These ancient traits make the flavors of the dishes even more emblematic, as the experience does not end with just the food.

The characteristics of this restaurant allow for the gathering of around 110 people in the same area, which makes it popular for special events such as weddings, christenings, company meetings, birthday parties or others, and even bachelor parties. In addition, there is air conditioning and parking available to customers.

There are several gastronomic recommendations that can be made. The starters are the best way to start the meal and opting for the oiled cheese turns out to be a way to participate in the homage to the space that was an oil mill. Another good option is sautéed mushrooms.

Pork shank cooked with chasubles, fava beans stewed with spare ribs, cabidela (homemade chicken) and wild boar stew are often recommended dishes.

At the Lagar you can also find a wide variety of fresh fish (such as grilled trout, horse mackerel and congerfish). However, the famous Lagar steak is one of the preferences of those who visit the space. To sweeten your mouth, you can choose rice pudding or chocolate mousse. But why not opt ​​for traditional sweets or cheese from the region with a tasting of local jams?

Visit Torre de Moncorvo

Torre de Moncorvo has a rich and diverse heritage that is well worth getting to know. In this field, special mention should be made of the Renaissance-style Mother Church of Torre de Moncorvo, which took around 100 years to complete. It was classified as a national monument in 1910.

Other properties classified, this time as being of public interest, are the Church of Misericórdia, Chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, Chapel of the Sagrado Coração de Jesus, Chapel of S. António, Chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres and Pelourinho de Torre from Moncorvo.

In the village, it is also possible to visit other buildings and places of interest such as the chapel of the Holy Spirit, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Esperança, the Filipino Fountain, the Santo António Fountain, the Santiago Fountain, the Solar dos Pimenteis, the Solar dos Tenreiros, the Casa da Avó, the former Hospital D. Amélia, the Casa Leopoldo Henriques, or the house of Violante Gomes (the Pelicana).

Church of Torre de Moncorvo

Archaeological Heritage

The parish of Torre has several points of archaeological interest. The remains of the castle, the archaeological site of Alfarela, the Cabeço dos Apostolónios, the prehistoric rock engravings of Vale de Seixo and Rego da Lousa; the Roman settlement at Quinta das Casas Queimadas; and the ruins of the medieval chapel of Santa Clara are some examples of symbols of the region’s archaeological heritage.

Natural patrimony

For nature lovers, nothing like enjoying the Sabor and Douro rivers and the beautiful Serra do Roboredo. In addition, it is worth taking a look at the viewpoints of Fraga do Facho and Santa Leocádia, and also walking along the various trails in the Serra.

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