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Gloria Trevi did not let it go and has already filed a formal lawsuit against the youtuber, Chumel Torres, these are her demands! | VIDEO

Gloria Trevi she is becoming the singer of lawsuits and scandal. Well, it seems that the Mexican interpreter likes to be involved in legal problems, Well, the lawsuit against him that he has in California for human trafficking is not enough.Now she decided to be the plaintiff, but this time to the Mexican youtuber, Chumel Torres.

And it is that the interpreter of “Pelo loose” she has forgotten some details of her past and has become more sensitive to criticism of the accusations that put her in jail together with the famous “Trevi-Andrade” clan.

Well this week your lawyer, Sergio Arturo Ramírez Muñiz, legal representative of Gloria Trevi, formalized a complaint against Chumel Torres for allegedly having caused moral damage to the Monterrey woman through a joke in which she alluded to the so-called “Trevi-Andrade Clan”.

It was in May 2022, when Chumel Torres issued a tweet in which he wrote “Gloria Trevi doesn’t sing cool, but TRATA”. Which gave rise to the fact that the case of the “Trevi-Andrade Clan” was put back in vogue.

by which, The singer spent more than four years in prison on charges of kidnapping, rape and corruption of minorsHowever, she regained her freedom after being acquitted, however, she has not been able to distance herself from these unfortunate events, as well as from the death of her daughter.

It was in December 2022 when Gloria Trevi’s legal team confirmed that it would proceed against Chumel Torres and two other communicators. Arguing that his comments had caused moral damage and economic losses to the singer and the complaint has already been formalized.

Ramírez Muñiz explained that financial compensation will be sought from Chumel Torres as part of the reparation for the damage and reaffirmed that in the coming days they will file two more complaints, although he did not reveal the names of the communicators involved.

for now, Chumel Torres has not reacted to the formalization of this civil lawsuit against him, however, last December he wrote a text on his Twitter where he pointed out that Gloria Trevi’s accusation is absurd.

“God gives his most penitent demands to his most resilient soldiers”was the text that Chumel Torres wrote at the time.

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