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Gloria Trevi confesses that she fell in love with Sergio Andrade and she does not regret it

Gloria Trevi regularly avoids remembering what he lived with Sergio Andrade, a scandal that changed the course of the career of the singer of “Pelo loose”. But now, in Spain, Gloria addressed the issue, very frankly and providing various details, because she even confessed that she was very much in love with the former producer.

“For me he was King Midas, I felt at that moment that I was in love with that man; but it was from the mirage that he was manufactured before my eyes, because he was not really as I idealized him”


The artist recognized in statements to Risto Mejide in the newspaper El Confidencial. Gloria Trevi recognized that her youth played against her, and made her an easy prey for her producer.

“Being 15 years old and believing that you know them all, I think that we have all experienced it. At 15 years old you think that nobody sees your face and that you are going to eat the world. I fall in love with the wrong person and then that person tells me ‘you and I are nothing, I’m just your manager’”


Sergio Andrade’s influence on her led her to withdraw from the world, including her friends and family. Gloria didn’t realize it because her ‘manager’ handled the situation to convince her that it was the right thing to do.

“I couldn’t have contact with my family more than very little, but I thought it was normal because I’m becoming Gloria Trevi. He told me that he had to keep it a mystery, he made me see that it was something normal, he told me that Michael Jackson didn’t go to a party with his friends.”

Despite how difficult it was and the scandal that was generated because Sergio Andrade was publicly accused of child abuse, Gloria affirms that she would not change anything that has happened in her life because removing that episode around Sergio Andrade would also have meant that her daughter Ana Dalay, who died a month after birth, did not exist.

“I would have to erase the memory of my daughter, I do not regret it because if I had not gone through that situation, I would not have the three children that I have at the moment. He is the one who has to regret it, he could have met another man, but these three would not be in my life and that butterfly effect makes me panic. I am left with the pain, but also with the memory of my daughter.”

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