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Gloria Trevi confesses that she does not know the causes of her daughter’s death

the mexican singer Gloria Trevi He monopolized the spotlight after giving an interview in which he spoke about the death of his daughter, one of the saddest events that he has starred in throughout his career, since for the first time he revealed that he does not know the causes of his death.

In the “Traveling with Chester” program, Gloria Trevi broke the silence after being questioned about the death of the baby she had during her relationship with the controversial producer, Sergio Andrade.

Without holding anything back, the singer regretted that many things have been said over a long time, some of them very sad. Seconds later, he counted the previous minutes he lived after finding his daughter Ana Dalay, who was a few days old, without signs of life..

“The most horrible things have been said that it is difficult for me to repeat them. They told me something, one of the girls who were there at the time”.


Later, The composer explained that a person informed her that her daughter was transferred to a hospital where the death certificate said that she was a victim of crib death, but she was never able to verify it. After receiving the news, he spent several days in complete shock.

“I have spoken with this person and everything he told me was something that the Lord asked them to tell me”


Finally, Gloria Trevi said that she believes that her daughter lost her life due to crib death, but unfortunately she was never able to talk to the doctors so that they would really tell him the cause of the death of his eldest daughter.

With songs like “You didn’t want to hurt me”, “With your eyes closed” and “Vestida de azúcar”, The 54-year-old interpreter has established herself as one of the most famous artists in Mexico, so practically everything she does goes viral in a few minutes.

On this occasion, the singer born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, gave an interview for television in Spain that moved all her fans because, as very rarely, she spoke about the moments of terror she experienced after the death of her little baby, Ana Dalay. .

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