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Gloria Trevi breaks the silence after being charged again for human trafficking | VIDEO

Gloria Trevi She’s still in trouble with the law. This time she returned to monopolize the covers of various media, after the prestigious American magazine “Rolling Stone” announced that the singer is facing a lawsuit issued at the end of 2022 in California.

This same thing would have to do with reports of child sexual assault in this state, which also have to do with Sergio Andrade, who was a partner of the artist born in Monterrey, Mexico.

It should be remembered that almost two decades ago the 54-year-old singer was part of an extensive history of accusations for various crimesproduct of the relationship he had with the producer and composer Andrade.

It was precisely this link that put her and several underage girls in the eye of the hurricane, which was known as the case of the “Trevi-Andrade Clan”.

This seemed like it was in the past, however, now said conflict in relation to the crime colloquially known as “white slavery”.

What has sparked controversy because before the end of 2022 a complaint was issued against the interpreter of “Dr. Psychiatrist” and the people issuing the accusation argue that they were 13 and 15 years old respectively when the 54-year-old artist approached them.

Said act was allegedly carried out in public when the singer realized the physical attractiveness of her victimswhom he convinced to join an alleged Andrade musical training program.

But later the people affected assure that Trevi prepared them to become Andrade’s sex slaves, moments of abuse that occurred mostly within Los Angeles County.

Now the appearance of Trevi from Spain has unleashed a furor on social networks after this complicated moment in his career in which he once again has serious accusations against him. The famous published a video on Instagram in which she says the following and seems calm.

“I am going to fill myself with a lot of energy for many things to come, for everything. I am going to prepare for everything that any human being on the planet has to prepare for, for the good and to fight against anything. I’m fine”Trevi said in a video that he shared on his Instagram account.

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