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Glass Vases for Decoration on the 25th of March

About 400 thousand people from all over Brazil pass through the March 25th Street, in downtown São Paulo, every day. The Brazilian Commerce Street has hundreds of stores that sell wholesale or retail. On days before commemorative dates such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas, the street looks like an anthill, with so many people who venture out to find more variety and unbeatable prices.

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Glass Vases for Decoration on the 25th of March

However, few people know that this sea of ​​people once became a real river, with water and everything! This was a little before 1850, when a bed of the Tamanduateí River, which received the waters of the Anhangabaú River and emptied into the Tietê River, passed through what is now the March 25th Street🇧🇷

Until, at the end of the century, the river was rectified and the Várzea do Carmo area was drained, creating the first farms in that region. The main street was named Rua de Baixo, dividing the city into two: the Upper and the Lower. Trade at this time was dominated by Arabs from Syria and Lebanon, who were concentrated in the upper part.

With the post-drainage period and the increasing urbanization of the place, rents started to increase and those who moved there rented a small house on the lower part, where prices were more affordable.

With the arrival of the trams in 1865, this section got another name: 25 de Março, in honor of the promulgation of the first Brazilian Constitution in 1824.

At first, the street was affectionately nicknamed “Rua dos Arabs”, as they predominated in local commerce since 1887 with the arrival of the first Lebanese merchant to the region, Benjamin Jafet. In the 1980s, the Arabs gained company in trade with the arrival of Portuguese, Greeks, Koreans and Chinese. Currently, the region is a true Tower of Babel, in which it is possible to hear different languages ​​and accents in each store we enter.

The wholesale vocation of the place was born thanks to the several floods that affected the region in the 60s. With the floods, traders lost many products. So they sold the leftovers for very low prices, with no competition. Over time, this characteristic spread throughout Brazil and merchants from all over the country began to make their purchases at March 25th Street to resell them in their cities.

Retail, however, emerged out of obligation, when street vendors began to buy from these wholesalers to resell the same products at the doors of the same wholesalers. Therefore, they also had to sell through retail, in order not to lose customers.

Glass Vases for Decoration on the 25th of March 1

Best articles are found on the 25th of March

Currently, the March 25th Street and its surroundings are the favorite place for small shopkeepers, for people who are going to have big celebrations such as weddings, 15th birthday parties, June parties, among others because the products are really cheap and the economy is guaranteed.

There are stores for all tastes and they sell various types of items, from haberdashery to costumes, uniforms or decoration items🇧🇷

So if you intend to do decoration with glass vases bought on 25 de Março, this is the ideal place. There are several stores and several glass vases models, which give an elegant and sophisticated look to your home, office or parties. For that, there are stores that sell decorative glass vases of houses and those that sell glass vases for party decoration🇧🇷

Glass Vases for Decoration on the 25th of March 2

See below the list of stores that sell glass vases for decoration on the 25th of March with their respective addresses:

– Inter Vidros (Souvenirs and Decorations for Parties and Special Occasions): Rua Varnhagem, 44 – 5th floor – Room 53. Phone: (11)3313-7030. Site:🇧🇷

– Barbosa Mix: Rua Miguel Carlos, 76. Telephone: (11)3227-9958. Website:

– Decoration Store: Website:

– Real Flor: Rua 25 de Março, 954. Telephone: (11)3311-9367. Site:🇧🇷

– Rainha Decoration Objects: Rua 25 de Março, 931. Telephone: (11)3227-7267. Site:🇧🇷

– Doural Presentes: Rua 25 de Março, 595. Telephone: (11)3328-6228. Site:🇧🇷

– Crysmax Gifts and Decoration: Rua Barão de Duprat, 343. Telephone: (11)3229-1659. Site:🇧🇷

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