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Giselle Blondet speaks for the first time about the separation from her ex: “Before I felt more alone than now”

Giselle Blondet.

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Giselle Blondet chooses her podcast ‘Lo Que No Se Habla’, to do what she herself asks her guests, and speaks for the first time about the separation with her now ex, Jaime Fernández, with whom she lived for almost 5 years of her life, until about 2 years ago when we suddenly stopped seeing her with the Spanish businessman.

Having the person who writes this article as a guest to talk about entertainment journalism and the most shocking stories of show business in 2022, Giselle, in the space that she shares every week with her psychologist and life coach, Janis Santaella, broke the silence On a subject that until now many wondered about, but no one knew, what happened to his last partner?

Nearing the end of a strong episode of one of the most viewed Podcasts from Pitaya EntertainmentI asked him exactly that Why, 2 years ago, while he was experiencing the most difficult episode of his life, when his daughter Andrea was struggling between life and death, did we stop hearing from Jaime?

The only thing I am going to say is that before I felt more alone than now, I have never felt more accompanied, loved, strong and brave than now.“He began by saying, while his psychologist, Santaella, who is an important part in this healing of the presenter of ‘La Mesa Caliente’, nodded in agreement.

Giselle Blondet and her now ex-partner, Jaime Fernández
Giselle Blondet and her now ex-partner, Jaime Fernández. Photo: Mezcalent

“Of course I believe in love, but I’m working a lot with that, because if you realize it’s very difficult for one, when you’re in this industry… If we don’t heal the things of our childhood, and I’m not saying that terrible things happened, divorces from my parents and stuff, and then sometimes we don’t have a relationship like the one we dream of. I had this idea of ​​getting married, having children, perhaps I was a bit hasty in choosing those people, who were very good in my life, teachers for me, but Now I am working to heal that part of my life, and calmly, in time, I am sure that I am going to have, no matter how old, no matter what time, I am going to have that love that I know I am going to have.”, Giselle continued counting in a very brave way.

Before the request that when that love arrives, give us the exclusive, Blondet took the opportunity to clarify why she decided to change her way of communicating her private life:

“I try not to make those kinds of things public, When I started this previous relationship, I wanted to make it public, because I feel that there are too many women who believe that their time to live has run out, to love, and for that reason I did it.It’s not my favorite situation, I don’t like to be talking about that aspect of my life, but I did it because of that and I think I managed to send that message.”

Until now, Giselle had confirmed their breakup, the next question to know was, why?

Why don’t I talk so much about the details of the separation, because it seems to me that it is not right, because I wish that person to have a life of much love, of much peace, to be happy, then they will not contribute anything that I make public the differences we had, because we talk and have a pleasant relationship, but things that were part of another type of relationship. because really, Just as he served me as a teacher, I hope I have served him in the same way, and that he can build a full, beautiful, loving life with another partner, so I am unable to say anything else that could affect him, it would be unfair”, he said sweetly but emphatically.

However, almost at the end of the episode of ‘Lo Que No Se Habla’, together with his collaborator and psychologist they made something important clear: “I am rebuilding myself, I am certifying myself as a life coach even“.



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