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Girl’s room: how to decorate, photos

When the girl starts to put dolls aside to think about boys and use her mother’s makeup, it’s time to change room decor🇧🇷 Surely she will feel the need to transform her environment, leaving it more witty, personalized and with a teen atmosphere.

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Girl’s room: how to decorate, photos

The transition from being a child to a young woman is life changing in many ways. THE room decor, which was previously overloaded with toys, becomes cleaner, more pleasant and more youthful. In some cases, the teenager wants to enhance her personality through the aesthetics of the environment, so she opts for new furniture, accessories, textiles and finishing for the walls.

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What decor to use in a girl’s room?

Before starting planning the girl’s bedroom layout, it is important to know details about the resident. The decoration style should be young and value your tastes, especially with regard to colors, prints and materials.

Several ideas can be put into practice to customize teen room, but it is essential to maintain the commitment to comfort, delicacy and femininity. The environment should be a pleasant place to be, as it is where the resident will find refuge for her most intimate moments.

Relaxed and comfortable room for the teenager. (Photo: Disclosure)

For the a teenager’s room simple and basic, it is worth renovating the decor using custom furniture. These pieces can be more expensive than the conventional ones, but they fulfill the proposal of making better use of the space and making a pleasant distribution. O planned furniture it also turns out to be an excellent option because it will be reused in the adult phase.

If the budget is tight to invest in custom-made furniture, the decor can be made up of pieces that recognize the needs and desires of the teenager. For example, a complete environment requires a spacious wardrobe, a desk to study, a comfortable bed and a shelf to store paraphernalia.

decorative details
Furnishing is not enough for the decoration to be complete, it is necessary to decorate and make the atmosphere more spirited. Several elements function as female teen bedroom accessories and contribute to aesthetics, as is the case with the lamp, cushions, rugs, curtains and ottomans. Some cheerful, young and even romantic adornments also make all the difference in the composition, as is the case with toy art dolls, photo murals, decorative stickers, teddy bears and modern objects.

It is important to invest in decorative details, such as cushions, paintings and adornments. (Photo: Disclosure)

As much as the girl has left childhood, it is essential that her room is cozy and delicate, which is why the detailing done by the accessories is so important.

When talking about girl’s room, some color combinations tend to please, such as white with pink and white with lilac, both capable of enhancing the romantic atmosphere. If the idea is to make the environment more cheerful, relaxed and relaxed, then it is worth betting on the color block trend and working with intense colors.

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