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gifts at special prices until December 23

The annual holiday shopping marathon is open. If you want to make a difference, check out the Gulbenkian Christmas suggestions.

If you want to awaken knowledge and emotions, we bring you a list of good tips for gifts for culture lovers?? Find all in the selection of Natal Gulbenkian (and at special prices until the 23rd of December).

They are publications and exclusive products, perfect to make your Christmas happier. cult favorite. From kids to adults, there’s always a good gift idea for this year.

Offer culture this year

Christmas is at the door, decorations are already filling the house and the streets, festive music has already invaded the radios, the lights make our nights more magical and the most playful time of the year is officially open. It is, therefore, time to dedicate yourself to the choice of gifts – another of the traditions of the season.

If you already have a list of loved ones who are going to receive a treat from you this year, but need ideas to find the ideal gift, we suggest that you let yourself be inspired and offer gifts that enrich the days of those who receive them a little more.

Gulbenkian Christmas: original proposals for the perfect gift

If you have someone to give as a gift who likes culture in general, it would be a good idea to take a look at the Natal Gulbenkian and choose: do you want to offer a book or a product inspired by great works or exhibitions?

Anyway, there are several options available to escape the usual gifts, which we can all buy in a shopping centre, on the way to work or home. This year, make a difference: offer culture.

This Gulbenkian Christmas, the great classics and some top publications that were out of print. beyond the timeless titles and always so desired, there are still all the news from 2022.

There is no shortage of good suggestions from others products inspired by the Gulbenkian Collections – such as cups, mugs, cheststissues, puzzles, pencils, pens and more.

When it comes to offering everyday products, full of utility and fun, our tip is to take a look at the line of items inspired by the fascinating theme of the ancient pharaohs and the Pharaohs Superstars exhibition.

10 Christmas gift ideas to buy at the Gulbenkian Foundation

From books to catalogues, from magazines to games and puzzles, from mugs and cups to candles and soaps, not forgetting pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks and bookmarks.

1. Pharaohs Superstars notebook

Inspired by the poster created for the Pharaohs Superstar exhibition, the notebook has as its central figure the head of Pharaoh Senusret III, which is one of the masterpieces of Egyptian Art and of the Gulbenkian collection.

Price:notebook €5.50, pen €2.50

2. Colored pencils and eraser

With colorful hieroglyphs, inspired by the theme of Ancient Egypt, these pencils and erasers are always a useful souvenir that can be given together with the Pharaohs Superstars notebook.

Price:pencil €1.75, eraser €2.50

3. Black and white pencils and erasers

Perhaps the grown-ups prefer the black and white versions, with the thematic hieroglyphs.

Price:pencils €1.75, erasers €1.80 and €2.50

4. Wall Calendar Parts of Ancient Egypt

Filled with images of works from the Ancient Egyptian Art collection, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum. Every month, a great discovery.


5. Pharaohs Superstars Mug

Tea or coffee time will not be the same. An original and creative gift with immense use in everyday life.


6. 500 Piece Puzzle and Sticker Set

For the youngest, is there anything as fun as puzzles and stickers? If they are with ancient Egyptian motifs, success is guaranteed.

Price:Puzzle €22, stickers €18.75

7. Socks with Ancient Egyptian motifs

Still on the subject of the Pharaós Superstars exhibition, we have a suggestion that proves that a pair of stockings at Christmas doesn’t have to be a boring gift. Choose between the two pairs: with the Eye of Horus or the Egyptian Gods symbol.


8. Themed scarf

An original scarf decorated with drawings of the figurines of the sons of Horus, from the Calouste Gulbenkian Collection.


9. Verbena Soap and Verbena Scented Sachet

It is a useful souvenir that pleases everyone. These suggestions, with a detail from the piece “Panel of a vault” from Ancient Egypt from the Calouste Gulbenkian Collection, are proof that it is possible to be original with gifts of this kind.

Price:soap 6.50€, sachet 9.50€

10. Pharaohs Supertars Catalog

For big fans of art and culture, the detailed catalog with pieces from the Pharaohs Superstars exhibition makes an excellent Christmas gift.


Gulbenkian Christmas products

See the complete gallery, with all the products you can choose to buy this Christmas. Gift with original items, full of culture.

Until the 23rd of December, Gulbenkian Christmas publications and products are discounted by up to 40%.

Also in December: Conversations about Gulbenkian editions

In addition to Christmas products, the Gulbenkian Foundation has created for you, who enjoy art and culture, a selection of special events that will mark the season: they are the Conversations about Gulbenkian editions??

There are two Conversas events in December, always at 6 pm, and admission is free. Mark on the agenda.

  • 13th – The 60th Anniversary of the Publishing Plan, with Guilherme d’Oliveira Martins and Ruy Vieira Nery ??a retrospective look at the Foundation’s contribution to cultural life and the set of works published over the last six decades?? Learn more about this Conversation.
  • 19th – Homage to José-Augusto França and Colóquio/Letras 2022, with Guilherme d’Oliveira Martins, Nuno Júdice, Joana Cunha Leal and Raquel Henriques da Silva ??the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation pays homage to the Historian, critic, fruitful author and fiction writer who conceived and organized the specialized teaching of Art History in Portugal”. Learn more about this Conversation.

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