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Gift packaging for Mother’s Day

At gift packaging for mother’s day are very special, as they demonstrate the amount of affection and care with which you prepared the gift to give to your mother. After all, she is the most important person in your life, because she gave you love and affection and made you the person you are today.

Packaging is also important

What this article covers:

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day will be celebrated on the second Sunday of May (14/05). It is part of the tradition to buy gifts for these special women. Some people like to do something personalized, including the wrapping. At gift packaging for mother’s day they can be something very special made by you, just use your creativity and get to work.

You can create different packaging (Photo: Disclosure)

types of packaging

It is possible, for example, to buy crepe paper, put it around the object in question and then place a sheet of cellophane paper, ending with a bow made with a ribbon (similar to the way homemade Easter eggs are wrapped). You can also buy a cardboard box and customize it, leaving it your way, wrapping ribbon around it and giving it a nice bow.

The packaging adds personality to the gift (Photo: Disclosure)

clothing packaging

In the case of clothes, the tip is to buy wrapping paper of your choice, fold it like an envelope and place the piece inside, sealing it with duct tape. For practical people, stationery stores sell ready-made packages, without having to make any effort to keep the gift. Some boxes can also be purchased in these spaces. They are decorated and come in all sizes. But if you still vote for crafts, then check out the tip for decorating a small gift box.

Flowers like a glass of milk

Material used

– Scotch tape

– scissors

– stapler

– awl

– assorted colored papers

– yellow crepe paper

How to do it step by step

1st step – cut squares in sizes 15/15 you can make three or more squares, it will depend on the size of the box;

2nd step – cut a strip of yellow crepe paper to be the pistil of the glass of milk, about 10cm long by 3 cm wide, if you find it too wide you can shorten it. It’s up to you.

3rd step – fold the colored crepe paper joining two ends so that it looks like a petal, as shown in the image above, always with the yellow pistil in the center.

4th step – cut a leaf on the green paper to place on the flower, to finish the arrangement.

4th step – with the stapler staple the two ends and the bottom part of the flower with a green leaf, as shown in the picture above.

5th step – repeat the operation with the three flowers and to finish, place the green leaf so that it covers the staples. Then just stick it on the lid of the box.

The packaging conveys the importance of the gift to the recipient (Photo: Disclosure)

importance of packaging

Believe me, for your mother or for anyone who receives a gift, the packaging is a way of honoring, not only what’s inside, but the packaging itself. If you personalize it, even if it is a package bought ready-made, you will give it your style, it will be made with care and that care will be passed on to the person who receives it. To make a package or customize it you need to buy the necessary material and Kalunga offers all the necessary material to make the most varied types of packaging for gifts for mother’s day. Use your creativity when giving your mother a gift and make a very beautiful and interesting package, adding greater sentimental value to the gift, she will surely love it.

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