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Giant dog breeds: meet the top 10

Dogs there are many. All over the world, we have small, medium, large and large dogs… And giant dog breeds. Each with their loyal group of human fans.

some are so little ones that fit in a carry-on bag for the ride, while others are almost the size of a horse.

Doubt? Discover with us the top 10 am giant dog breeds.

Top 10 Giant Dog Breeds

Although it does not reach the size of other dog breeds mastiffthis one takes the medal of 10th place in the ranking of our adorable giants. When adult, these dogs can reach 73 cm, weighing something around 63 kg. Amazing, right? But, we are just starting our list.

Bitches of this breed are a little smaller, slightly in fact. The broad head makes these dogs appear even larger than they actually are. It is impressive on the first date.

The 9th place on the list of canine giants is the Dogue de Bordeaux, a giant-sized dog, but who is nothing more than sentimental, faithful and very, very sweet. Also known as mastiff French – as the breed originated in France – these dogs can reach 68 cm and weigh up to 68 kg.


Russian black terrier

A fearsome guard dog. This is the terrier Russian black, a giant dog that guards an even bigger heart. His kindness and sweetness make him the great protector of the family.

Males can weigh up to 60 kg in adulthood, measuring something like, nothing more and nothing less, 77 cm.

Not so long ago, these giant dogs were not the companion of choice for families, being commonly used as rescue and search dogs in the cold of the Swiss Alps.

They are strong (almost) like bulls and became famous for being able to carry a barrel of alcohol around their neck.

Nowadays, we can see these giant candies in big cities. Yes, the Saint Bernard today is a domestic breed, albeit a very, very large one. Beautiful on the outside and inside, the big dogs of this breed have conquered humans and there is no turning back.

If you’re thinking of having one of these at home, it’s good to be prepared: these giants can weigh more than 80 kg and usually measure 68 cm.

Did you know that this giant, lean dog is an agile canine bred to bring down large stags while hunting in the Scottish Highlands?

They are in fact huge dogs that can exceed 80 cm in height on 4 legs, weighing up to 50 kg. They are docile, easy to train and educate, obedient and well behaved. Besides being beautiful, of course.

The Mastiff is the most emblematic of the giant dogs

The Newfoundland is quite the companion! These dogs are friendly, excellent swimmers and a great help in drowning rescues.

The breed occupies the 5th position in our ranking of giant breed dogs and can reach 68 kg and 70 cm in adulthood. Interestingly, it is also (besides being giant) one of the most expensive breeds in the world.

It is not well known around the world, but those who know it well know that the lack of fame is an injustice for these giants.

Hardworking, good-natured, delicate and large, these dogs are experts at “helping” their human friend when they sense that something is not right. In fact, they even seem to have an extra meaning, managing to capture states of anxiety and sadness in their owners.

These faithful canines can weigh 77 kg on average and measure around 80 cm. Originating in southern Germany, this giant breed was created to be the great companion of families, protecting fields and farms. They are also very suitable for therapeutic purposes.

Fun fact: popular in Europe, these bigeyes are beloved by artists who print them in paintings across the continent.

The Irish Hound takes the bronze medal at the ranking of the giant dog breeds. A male of this breed can measure 81 cm, despite sustaining all its height with little weight – they weigh, on average, 50 kg. Famous for being a family-friendly dog, it is also an excellent guard animal and, due to its size, it certainly manages to keep strange people well away from its owners’ backyard.

Among the giant dog breeds, this one is most famous for its gentleness. The race that wins the silver medal at the top of the 10 largest is the Great Dane.

They are animals known for being playful and very loyal, being delicate even for socializing with small children.

And when the subject brings us to the issue of “children”, there is more good news: these dogs really have the patience of a giant for the youngest.

The average weight of this breed is around 64 kg, however, there are cases of dogs that weigh up to 90 kg. On average, the height is 76 cm at most, enough to make them look almost like ponies.

And finally, we have a gold medal. The biggest dog in the world is the mastiffdogs capable of reaching 81 cm in height and 100 kg.

Despite their appearance – literally giant – these gentle dogs are usually found lounging around on sofas and rugs. They really drool a lot and are really docile.

No wonder this breed is elected to be a domestic giant breed.

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