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Giancarlo Esposito has an idea of ​​what other ‘Breaking Bad’ spinoff he would like to see • ENTER.CO

From start to finish, Better Call Saul proved that making a Breaking Bad spinoff was an excellent idea. And as they say… If the first two attempts went so well, why not make a third? Giancarlo Esposito, the actor who played Gus Fring, has an idea of ​​what he’d like to see in a new Breaking Bad spinoff: Gus’s life before he became the ruthless drug lord we know.

In an interview for Entertainment Weekly, Esposito revealed that despite being a part of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, he still wants to play Gus. More importantly, he revealed what kind of story he would like to see in case the opportunity to do a new spinoff arises.

“I have always kept these pillars (of Breaking Bad) in my head, as much as I wanted as an actor to explore Gus’s previous life: Gus’s life in Chile, all these things. So now, even though his two-series journey is over, there is a yearning inside of me, and I keep going back to ‘rising Gus’. It fits the puzzle, and we get to see where he’s come from and maybe explore more of who he really is. under the mask.

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Esposito’s idea is not unreasonable. First, because Fringe is one of the most popular characters in the franchise. That said, there is very little we know of Fringe’s life before she became associated with the cartel and even of this we only have a few details. Was Fringe always such a calculating and cold person? Or, like Walt, was it a slow process to transform into the monster we came to know?

For now there seem to be no plans for a new Breaking Bad show. In fact, Esposito is the first to admit that it will surely be a long time before a new series comes out (if he ever does). However, the actor remains hopeful that, like him, the creators will see the potential of a story dedicated to Fringe.

“It’s not over until it’s over, and you never know,” the actor continued. “I totally think they should take a break. It’s an intense world to live in for a while. And they both have skills in other areas and should tell those stories too. But I’m not opposed to going back to him one day. I just hope that if that’s supposed to happen, it’s sometime before he’s 90.”

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