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Get to know the spectacular ranch that Kevin Costner put up for rent for $36,000 a night

Kevin Costner.

Photo: Samuel de Roman/Getty Images

The renowned actor Kevin Costner not only turned out good for acting, but also for real estate, as demonstrated by his ranch located in Montana, Colorado.

The property, known as Dunbar Ranch and located very close to downtown Aspen, it was listed for rent for $36,000 per night, yes, you read that right, per night.

According to the New York Post, which was the medium that released the news, the property has three properties with an extension of 6,000 square feetwith 12 bedrooms and with eight bedrooms.

The main house, known as Hill House, has six bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a main room, among other rooms.

there is also the Lake House, which is rustic in style and consists of three bedrooms, as well as having spectacular views of the lake. The third house is River House with only two bedrooms.

Outside they enjoy a terrace area, extensive green areas, trails, a baseball field, rivers, lakes, among other beauties of nature.

Although the idea is to rent the entire property to a single family, there is also the possibility of renting just one of the beautiful residences located on a lot of 160 acres.

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