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Get to know the Santander university credit card: is it worth it?

When starting a college, we need to pay for food, transportation and other expenses, it is essential to use a credit card. That’s why we’re here to talk about the Santander university credit card and whether it’s worth applying for one.

What this article covers:

What is the Santander university credit card?

Card made available to university students, which grants benefits to these students. It’s called Santander Play and its flag is from Mastercard.

How does the Santander university credit card work?

As it is aimed at students, you do not need to prove a minimum income to apply for one. Its annuity is 252 reais and can be paid in 12 installments, but it can be free when you spend at least 50 reais per month on the Santander university credit card.

Source/Reproduction: Banco Santander

Even without having to prove income, when applying for the card, every banking institution performs a credit analysis to find out whether it is possible to respond to your request or not.

How does the Santander University Account work?

The account can be monitored through the Santander Way App, where all purchases made with the card can be verified and spending can be monitored. It is through this application that the Santander university credit card is unlocked.

The Santander Play card does not require a current account to be used in the credit function. But the student can request it on the bank’s own website or at a closer physical agency if he wants to. The ideal is to analyze the benefits and whether you really need the current account.

What is the limit of the Santander university credit card?

The initial limit margin can vary from R$250 to R$2,000. As you use the card, your limit may increase, especially if your spending is greater than half of your total limit within a three-month period. A good example of this would be the following: if your card limit is R$500 and you spend at least R$250 in three consecutive months, your limit will be revised.

Is this credit card worth it?

Some people are scared to realize that there is an annuity charge, but there are other very interesting factors for students. Check out the positives and negatives of the Santander university credit card.


As previously mentioned, the annuity can be zero when making purchases of BRL 50 per month on this card. It is accepted inside and outside the country, great for those who travel frequently. You can take the card and use it without worrying, you just need to pay attention to the IOF tax, which is a mandatory fee.

It offers a points program called Santander Esfera, which accumulates points when shopping and can then be exchanged for products and other services. Great way to get rewards after shopping with this card.

Contrary to usual, it is not necessary to create or necessarily have a bank account with Santander. It even provides a virtual card so that internet purchases are safer, if you don’t feel safe entering your information on an unknown website.


He charges an annual fee. We are talking about all the features of Santander Play, as it is the most accessible card of this institution for university students. But there are others with different conditions, which require a minimum income and a higher annual fee, such as the SX Santander Visa and Santander Fit cards.

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