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Get to know Loan Sim and how to get personal credit online

Loan Sim is a type of loan from Banco Santander that has the objective of favoring the admission to credit for all Brazilians. Sim was created to change the scenario of bureaucracy in relation to the loan application process, so they offer secure applications in a fully digital format.

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Who is Loan Sim?

Loan Sim is an institution of the Santander group that started its services in 2019. The purpose of this fintech is to offer credit services at lower prices. Even with the relationship it has with Banco Santander, Loan Sim manages to offer credit to everyone, even those who are not included as a Santander customer.

There are thousands of advantages for those who want to apply for a loan by Sim. The main one is the fact that the loan is made in a completely online format and with much less bureaucracy than credit applications usually contain.

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The simulation of any loan process can be done in less than 2 minutes and the money offered goes into the account within a period of just 3 days.

The loans offered by this fintech range from R$500 to R$25,000 and all members can pay the amounts in up to 24 months, according to the data from each credit analysis.

Loan Sim: how to get personal credit online

Sim Loan serves as an affordable alternative for people who need a certain amount of money as soon as possible, so fintech currently offers its customers two loan methods. The first is the method without any guarantee of payment and the other takes the car as a precaution.

The scheme is done using online tools, without the need for any presence in agencies. After receiving the money, Loan Sim provides payments through bank slips, booklet or direct debit. See the two main types of loan below.

unsecured loan

This method was created to be more popular and possible for all types of customers. This loan can provide up to R$30,000 in installments of up to 36 installments. Fees are 1.49% per month.

In order to guarantee the loan in this proposal, you must go through the credit analysis carried out by the Sim.

Loan with car guarantee

In this modality, the customer’s car is used as payment guarantee. The interest on this proposal is much lower than the unsecured modality, but it is less accessible. In this version, the customer can get up to R$150,000 in credit and 60 months to complete the entire payment. The rates are 1.29%.

The Sim Loan accepts cars with the year from 2016 onwards, but to proceed with the process it needs to be properly regularized and paid off.

Sim Loan: How to simulate and hire online to get personal credit

Fintech offers all its plans and processes in a 100% digital format and very easily. To be able to simulate a possible personal loan, just enter the simulation and find the service that best suits you. After the simulation, just open the free request also on the website itself.

Once this is done, Sim Loan will carry out a credit analysis and contact you as soon as possible. In case of approval, the money will be part of your account within 3 days. The whole procedure is very easy and safe, currently the Sim Loan is part of the life of more than 5,600,000 customers from more than 26 Brazilian states.

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